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About Intimina

We at Intimina believe that feminine health requires special attention and care. As the only global company that is developing a complete line of products solely for the benefit of women’s intimate well-being, we aim not only to provide a line of products representing the very highest standards in quality, but also to build a resource where you can find the facts you need to enjoy your femininity to the fullest.

Intended exclusively for pharmacies and reputable outlets, each one of our products has been expertly designed to complement your natural balance and bring out the best in you. Drawing on the support of a worldwide group of medical consultants and gynecologists, we ensure the information we provide and the products we offer are perfectly safe and completely suited to your intimate needs.

Ivana Sedic established Intimina in 2009, inspired by her close involvement with LELO, a designer intimate accessory company co-founded by her husband Filip Sedic in 2003. Since then, LELO has risen to the top of its market, expanding globally to stand at the forefront of the industry. Watching LELO grow, Ivana became convinced that women should be offered a brand that applied the same impeccable standards and attention to detail to feminine well-being. Driven by a passion for women’s health and with the fundamental notion of quality at its heart, Intimina’s brand is blossoming; our network now extends from Stockholm to California, from Sydney to Shanghai.

In your visit to intimina.com we hope you find all the information you’re looking for. If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of our brand, we encourage you to contact us directly; our customer liaison team will be more than happy to assist or advise you in any way they can.

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