Have a Happy, Healthy Holiday – with 25% Off!

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We at Intimina want to wish you the happiest and healthiest of holidays the best way we know how – with a discount on all Intimina products!

Whether you’re shopping for something to give one of your BFFs who is all about being environmentally-conscious, or you’re making good on your own New Year’s resolution to take better care of your body (hey, better late than never!) then our holiday sale is the perfect solution.

You can save 25% off sitewide on Intimina menstrual care, Kegel exercisers and accessories – here are just a few highlights:


For First-Timers

Lily Cup One – Save 25%

Brand new on the scene and perfect for those who are just starting their cycles – or just learning how to use a menstrual cup, the Lily Cup One is perfectly made for getting the hang of cups! It uses a slightly smaller design and extra firm rim to make it extra easy to learn how to position your cup and to make sure that it opens to create a seal.

For Gals on the Go

Lily Cup Compact – Save 25% 

As the world’s first compact and collapsible menstrual cup, there’s a reason why the Lily Cup Compact – available in size A or B – made such a splash on Kickstarter! By folding flat into a protective case that’s the same size as a tin of lip balm, it offers 12 hours of protection you can bring with you everywhere so you’ll never be caught by an unexpected period again!

Ziggy Cup – Save 25% 

With a funky flat-fit design, Ziggy is our most unique looking menstrual cup (technically a disc), but it’s more than just looks! Not only is it the only reusable cup that can be worn during partnered sex that won’t stain your sheets, it’s also our highest capacity cup ever, holding a whopping 76ml—that’s 15x a regular tampon!

How to use INTIMINA Ziggy Cup

For Fitness Buffs (and Busy New Moms!)

Kegel Smart – Save 25%

Strength comes from within, and anyone who takes their health seriously knows that every muscle group deserves attention. Pelvic health is crucial for overall intimate wellness which becomes more important as you age – especially for new mothers who have put their body through a lot! – but it’s never too early to start thinking about adding Kegel exercises to your routine.
The KegelSmart helps take the guesswork out of your pelvic floor exercises – developed with a team of gynecologists and pelvic health experts, it guides you through your personalized workout by measuring how hard you’re squeezing and designing a routine that’s right for you,. Kegel smarter, not harder!

For Everyone

Feminine Moisturizer – Save 25%

We can all encounter occasional issues with dryness at the worst moments – new birth control, anyone? – which is why a pH-balanced feminine moisturizer belongs in everyone’s bedside table! It can make partnered sex more comfortable, but it’s also ideal for self-pleasure (especially on your period, if you’re sticking to external stimulation).

Intimate Accessory Cleaner – Save 25%

If you’re going to the trouble of taking care of your health and happiness with a Kegel exerciser or personal massager, then you know how important it is to keep those intimate products clean. This easy spray-on cleaning product is alcohol-free, pH-balanced, and formulated to avoid skin irritation and dryness while cleaning off surface bacteria in seconds – perfect for in-between proper washes!

Ready to save? Head on over to the Intimina Shop and save 25% today!

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