Intimina Debuts Groundbreaking Feminine Wash for Women

Leader in feminine care expands women's health line with product that's first of its kind

February 2013 pic

Intimina, a global leader in women's intimate well-being, recently unveiled its Triple Action Feminine Wash, the first intimate cleanser specially formulated for use during menstruation. The cleanser is ultra-gentle, designed for long-lasting freshness and helps prevent irritation during a woman's period. The Triple Action Feminine Wash offers a new dimension to menstrual care and reflects the company's platinum standard of intimate wellness products.

Intimina is surpassing the competition once again with the expansion of its Menstrual Care Line. The Triple Action Feminine Wash alleviates common concerns that women experience during menstruation. This exciting addition secures Intimina's place as the world's first extensive product line that covers all aspects of women's intimate health and wellness.

"Our experts are dedicated to providing women with the most natural products to encourage their intimate wellness," Director of Sales Donna Faro said. "The Triple Action Feminine Wash is another important step in Intimina's continuing efforts to provide a complete line of products for any intimate health need."

Intimina's health experts recognize a woman's need for extra support during menstruation. With nourishing ingredients like jasmine leaf extract, blue chamomile and aloe vera, the Triple Action Feminine Wash gently deodorizes and provides a balanced solution that caters to every skin type. The gentle formula is designed to enhance hygiene, comfort and intimate balance while preventing skin irritation and making women less susceptible to the infections sometimes caused by natural changes in vaginal pH.

The Triple Action Feminine Wash is pH-balanced, 100% free of parabens and clinically tested by dermatologists and gynecologists. According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, feminine washes that are not paraben-free and pH-balanced can be harmful. Intimina's extra-mild and water-based solutions ensure that women are provided with the highest quality and safety in addressing their personal care needs. The Intimina brand covers all areas of intimate feminine wellness, from menstruation through menopause, including pelvic floor strengthening.

The Triple Action Feminine Wash can be found online at and will be available soon in major pharmacies around the world. Other Intimina products, including the entire selection of pelvic floor strengtheners, the Intimina range of personal massagers and the unique Feminine Moisturizer can also be found on Intimina's website.

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