Pioneering intimate wellness line joins pharmaca's selection of holistic health solutions

Forward-thinking pharmacy targets new consumers in the feminine wellness category.

September 2012 pic

Intimina, a new brand of intimate wellness products comprised of pelvic floor exercisers, hygienic cleansers, personal massagers and moisturizers, is now available at Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy a high end pharmacy chain that is staffed almost entirely by health care practitioners.

The Intimina brand was previously only available at OB/GYN offices and online. Through an innovative and doctor-approved set of solutions, Intimina now offers Pharmaca customers the opportunity to balance their intimate needs and maintain optimal feminine well-being with a complete product line.

The pairing is a logical extension of Pharmaca's model, which offers both traditional and holistic remedies under the guidance of on-staff practitioners such as naturopathic doctors, herbalists, nutritionists and more. Through this unique practitioner model, as well as its high standards for service, selection and sustainability, Pharmaca has successfully differentiated itself from today's traditional pharmacies.

Intimina, with the support of a Medical Advisory Board of esteemed clinical professionals, is the first comprehensive line of personal care products that allows women to address their most intimate needs.

"Our presence at Pharmaca is the result of a long courtship with the personal care community, and an exciting achievement for the world of women's health," said Donna Faro, Director of Sales and Marketing of Intimina. "We couldn't ask for a retail partner with more formidable health expertise than Pharmaca."

Integrative health and preventive care is catching the attention of men and women more than ever before. Like any other type of wellness, whether it is mental or physical, feminine health and intimate wellness play a major role in the function of the entire body.

"At Pharmaca we know how important it is to pay attention to the quality of your self care," says Winnie Bordelon, herbalist and lead practitioner at one of Pharmaca's Boulder, Colo. locations. "So we love that Intimina has created these body-safe products that focus on women's intimate wellness. Their kegel exercisers are an especially important part of a holistic approach to preventive health—something we strongly encourage at Pharmaca—and can be vital for women of all ages."

The full line of Intimina products is available in Pharmaca's 24 retail locations and online at

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