Jul 182017

3 Step Guide to Cleaning Your Lily Cup in a Public Restroom

When introducing women to the idea of menstrual cups, often the first question that comes up is, “But how do you clean it in a public bathroom?!” We get it, the “Remove, Rinse, Reinsert” mantra of using your cup relies heavily on the middle part and without (private) access to a sink, one would think [...]

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Jul 042017

How to Deal If Your Menstrual Cup Gets Stuck

Is your menstrual cup having so much fun inside your vagina that it doesn’t want to come out? This is certainly one way to look at it! In the rare cases when a menstrual cup is inserted incorrectly, such a strong suction is created that makes it a little more tricky to remove. If you’ve [...]

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Jun 232017

5 Signs That You’re About to Get Your First Period – You Ready?

Fun fact, the first period a girl has is called her menarche (say MEN-ar-kee), kind of like anarchy… Which is sort of how your first period can feel. Your body is being overthrown by hormones that are going to take charge of you, changing your body and the way you feel. People react to this [...]

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Jun 092017
how to remove period stains

Top 5 Period Stain Cleaning Hacks (That Actually Work)

Show me someone who menstruates, and I’ll show you someone who has woken up to a murder scene beneath the sheets – no horse’s heads involved. Let’s face facts, period stains are part and parcel of menstruating and can happen to menstruators young and old alike. Whether you miscalculated Aunt Flo’s arrival, she sprung upon [...]

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Mar 282017
what helps period cramps

What Helps Period Cramps?

Feel like your uterus is wringing itself out like a wash cloth? An invisible puppy is using your insides as a chew toy? Then you, my friend, have experienced the period cramp. These unpleasant little contractions occur when your uterus sheds the lining it has spent weeks creating, contracting to push the lining out of [...]

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Mar 012017
period positivity reasons your period is amazing

5 Reasons To Love Your Period

While you’re midway through a roller coaster of PMS, cramps and bloating, you’d be forgiven for thinking that periods aren’t all that great. While we’re still living in a culture where we feel we have to hide tampon wrappers up our sleeves and even Instagram can’t handle the fact that women menstruate, it can be [...]

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