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While you’re midway through a roller coaster of PMS, cramps and bloating, you’d be forgiven for thinking that periods aren’t all that great. While we’re still living in a culture where we feel we have to hide tampon wrappers up our sleeves and even Instagram can’t handle the fact that women menstruate, it can be hard to feel any positivity about periods.

Hear us out though, as it isn’t all doom and gloom when it comes to the menstrual cycle. This red cloud has a silver lining, so let us shed some light on how awesome periods can really be.


1. Periods are natural & healthy

Ever since the first prehistoric women huddled up in the corner of their caves clutching a pile of moss once a month, women have been dealing with periods. It’s easy to forget that menstruation isn’t just a monthly pain – it’s an essential component of the human reproductive cycle. Without periods, life would quite simply cease to exist (you are welcome, human race).

So next time you are in the fetal position nursing some particularly bad cramps, (try to…) draw comfort from the fact that you are a vital part of the circle of life.

Beyond the fact that periods are a cornerstone of human existence (NBD), they are also a sign of good health. If you get your period every month, it’s usually a good sign that your sexual health organs are in good working order. In fact, you could choose to see periods as a monthly celebration of being healthy.

Roll out that red carpet!

2. Periods help you get in touch with your body better

If you haven’t fully explored your vagina and vulva with your fingers, whether removing a menstrual cup, checking up on a wandering tampon or just havin’ some fun – you probably should. Like it or not, your period puts you in situation where you need to get up close and personal with your body.

There are more than a few of us out there who aren’t familiar with their cervix height So thank mother nature for giving you an excuse to explore mysterious folds and hidden crevices of your most intimate parts.

3. Periods Rev Your Sex Drive

It might seem counter-intuitive, biologically-speaking, but for many women, sex is all they can think about when they’re on their period. You would assume that your sexual appetite would peak during ovulation, when you are at your most fertile, but a huge number of women crave some time in the sack when they are on their period.

Scientists are divided on the cause for this, ranging from a dip in the hormone progesterone to pelvic congestion (when the pelvis and female organs fill with blood during sexual excitement) creating a similar feeling to arousal. Whatever the reason, a jolt to your libido is definitely something to celebrate, so enjoy feeling super frisky while it lasts.

4. Period Sex = The Best Sex

If you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing out. Period sex is popular for a reason.

Although it might seem like a huge volume of liquid, it isn’t nearly as much as you might think. This flow provides awesome natural lubrication which will make things go *extra* smoothly. Menstruation also stimulates all of the nerve endings in your vagina and clitoris, making the slightest touch feel electric and your orgasms super intense.

Still, looking for more reasons why period sex is amazing?

It can also be one of the most intimate kinds of sex. It’s a time that sex is out of bounds for a lot of couples, so if you and your partner take the plunge, it might make you feel extra close to each other.

5. Happy hormones

When you’re swinging from the rafters in a whirlwind of PMS, you might not be their biggest fan, but actually your hormones can make a positive impact on your life too. During the second week of your menstrual cycle progesterone makes you experience unparalleled mental agility, along with boosted confidence. Not too shabby, huh?

Hooray for periods! (maybe)

So although periods may be a royal pain in the uterus, they aren’t all doom and gloom. Periods can actually be life-affirming, health-confirming, sexually gratifying and mood-boosting! Need we say any more? Let the countdown start til the next one…

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