Can menstrual cup make sex better?

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Period sex. It’s still a taboo for the most of us. Lots of ladies connect it with the worst – it’s bloody (literary), it’s messy, it’s just yucky, “what will my partner think if he sees it” awkward, and so on. Just a huge no-no. Better to just wait these few days, ignoring the heighten drive and desires.

How about we stop ignoring it, start breaking that taboo and try to turn it into an ultimate yes, yes, YES? It’s definitely the way we look at it, a simple change of perspective can really allow us to enjoy our sex life throughout the entire month, even while we bleed. And with some awesome benefits!

Today we would like to introduce you to few tricks we thought might be helpful to make the period sex experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Of course probably for some of you it feels like a deal breaker, something you would never be able to pass by, and it’s all fine, we are not here to judge or to make you do something you can’t imagine doing.

But maybe stick around just to see if our ideas could work for you? Your choice! Everyone’s invited – either you are interested, intrigued, would like to try it but still need some guidance or you just want to confirm it’s not for you…

Let’s start from some good old shower sex. It definitely could be one of the best way for period fun – letting the water wash away all your worries! In the end of it you are satisfied, fulfilled and clean. No dirty sheets, no awkward pretending like there is nothing to look at – just a simple, clean and fun solution. The first YES!

Ok, but some of you can say that it’s still not completely mess-free. The blood goes down the drainage, sure, but it’s still there, what if your partner gets off the mood when he sees it? Well, we really doubt he would, if he is already all in, we are sure he is aware of this possibility and he just simply doesn’t care!

But we get it, better safe than sorry. That being said, what we would like to suggest as second idea of a mess-free option for period sex is a… menstrual cup! Yep, you heard right, a silicone made menstrual cup, which guarantees leak and odor-free menstruation and therefore sex! Surely, not every menstrual cup is a perfect fit for certain kind of fun, depending on what are you in the mood for.

If you are up for some 69 action, any menstrual cup could work, as it stays inside, keeps everything around clean and in place.

You can easily forget you’re in your menstruation and just give yourself to that full experience. This is the most comfortable solution for both of you, again no awkwardness, no mess, just pure joy ☺ Yet another YES!

For the third and last YES, also connected to menstrual cups, is the penetrative sex, which can be now better, cleaner and more comfortable than ever, thanks to first reusable menstrual cup designed for sex – Ziggy Cup.

Its shape is similar to diaphragm, sits higher than a regular cup, up below the cervix, allowing the standard penetration without any interruptions. So you can just enjoy your sexy time and after that just fall asleep cuddled, forgetting any menstruation is going on at all.  Hail to this YES, that’s for sure!

While all of these solutions are a guarantee for a great period sex experience, it’s very important to point that cups are not an alternative to contraception, so don’t ever forget to use condoms and birth controls to make sure you’re save of STIs and unwanted pregnancy.

Once we are done with listing ideas for breathtaking sex during the menstruation, we have extra credit for you. For the great finale, we prepared 3 amazing benefits of period sex to confirm breaking this taboo really is worth it: orgasm curse the cramps and works as a natural painkiller, so doing it during your menstruation can actually make you feel much better; period sex can shorten your period – who would want that, ladies!?

And last but not least benefit of period sex is an increased sex drive. Especially in the middle of your menstruation, due to the growth of estrogen and low level of progesterone, your JJ is just all about getting some fun. As mentioned before – yes, yes, YES!

So ladies, what do you think? Give it a try if you are convinced. At the end of a day it’s always fun to break taboos!


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