Exhibit X: So You’re an Exhibitionist?

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Sex is a creative act. If your creative energy is feeling stagnant, or lackluster, switching it up in the bedroom (or outside of the bedroom) may be the antidote. Each and every time you get down is going to be at least slightly different. For some people, variety is everything. People get off on switching up positions, partners, toys, tools, dynamics, and…location.

Location, location, location!

Safety and security is necessary for some people to sink in to the moment. That could mean being in a warm, familiar environment, like your good old bed, or kitchen counter if you’re feeling frisky. 

Others THRIVE off being in a new, sometimes (public) place. The risk of being caught, or the idea of someone seeing them is what gets exhibitions off. Is this a kink? Potentially, but there’s no shame in the game. As long is everything is consensual and DESIRED (including the people who could potentially see you), public-ish sex is just another way to connect with your partner, or partners. 

Obviously exhibitionism can walk on a fine legal line, so don’t let your enthusiasm get in the way of your good judgement. Still have an itch needing to be scratched? Try these tips to satisfy your wild side.

Let’s Get Out of Town Baby

This one’s obvious, but sometimes we need a reminder. If your sex life has been feeling a little dull lately- maybe you need a sexcation. That’s right, plan your next trip around you and your boo being able to spend some extra *intimate* time together. 

Exotic and Erotic

Do you like piña coladas? How about getting caught in the rain? Do you live in a coastal area, or is your vacation taking you beachside? Try a hot and steamy make-out session (or more) whilst digging your toes in the sand. Warning- sand is tricky and gets into all sorts of crevices, so proceed with caution. 

It doesn’t have to be the ocean. Rivers, lakes, and streams are all perfectly acceptable beachfront locations. 

Dip it Low

Speaking of exotic and erotic, skinny dipping is one way to get your thrill. If you don’t have a swim spot off the beaten path near you, there’s plenty of places in the world where swimming nude is totally acceptable. Enjoy your dip!

Ahoy, Captain

Sticking with the aquatic theme, try to get your hands on a boat. Yacht, speedboat, canoe, kayak- any size will do. There’s nothing like you and your honey in the middle of a body of water with nothing else around you. Just be careful not to capsize.

One with Nature

Another way to get your vacation fix is with a good old camping trip, or even a day trip to a more secluded hiking area. There’s something about being surrounded by nature, that allows your nerves to rest, and your desires to take over. So pack a picnic, a blanket, and whatever other supplies you desire, and get out there!

Staycations all I ever wanted

Pressed for time? Maybe getting out of town isn’t feasible for you right now. Having a one night staycation by booking a home or hotel will give you the thrill, without the stress that can come with travel. You may even want to consider swapping homes with one of your fellow couple friends for the night. Just make sure to wash the sheets!

Say it Loud and Proud

Exhibitionism doesn’t necessarily have to mean doing it in a public place. Another way of flexing this muscle is by being loud. Really loud. Not holding back any moans, groans, yells, and exclamations can be incredibly liberating. Instead of thinking someone may see you, maybe you’re into the idea of someone hearing you, without giving a flying f#@!.

Frisky Business

Ok this one is for the extra adventurous. In many areas, you’ll find “sex parties”, where you and your partner can go to a safe event where you can watch, be watched, and maybe make some new “friends”.

Han(d) Solo

Who says sex has to be with a partner? Solo-sex is a beautiful act, that can be done a bit more discreetly than in a duo. Again we’re encouraging experimentation here, not public indecency. 

Vroom, Vroom Baby

Ah, steamy windows, cramped legs, and curfews- car sex sure does take you back to teenage days. Looking for a spot to have a quickie before you had to be home for dinner. Except now there’s no curfew, and the world is your oyster. So try finding a lookout spot with a sunset view, and get ready for a wild ride.

Nothing Beats the Classics

Exhibitionism doesn’t have to mean penetrative sex. A hot and steamy makeout sesh in a semi-public place can be incredibly thrilling, and really- who doesn’t love a classic makeout session?

Feeling inspired?

Let your imagination run wild with possibilities, make a list, check it twice, pretty soon you’ll find out who’s naughty or nice.

23 thoughts on “Exhibit X: So You’re an Exhibitionist?

  • Lori Jarvis says:

    Just want more info on becoming more involved in theses experiences!

    • John says:

      I believe so I think it started as a teenager I was always getting my pants and underwear pulled down at school and thrown out of the change room naked . so it kinda extended from that. now I got out in the bush to take my clothes off. or sometimes late at night I walk around my street naked

    • Frankie says:

      I became an exhibitionist during lockdown and both me and my husband love it. It started when I was seen naked by the window cleaner and it gave me such a thrill. I now answers the door to delivery guys naked and wear clothes that easily expose me when I am out. We have sex in the car as well. It has boosted my moods and confidence and our sex lives immensely.

  • Bennie says:

    I have been an exhibitionist since age 14 when my older brother introduced me to masturbation, and when I found a pornographic cartoon booklet of Popeye and Olive Oil. Then started getting sex magazines; yeah, I could back in my time, buy these magazines, Today that’s not possible with children. Anyway, it was my interest in women in Wards and Sears catalogs posing in bras and panties. All these things gave me a strong urge to do the same, expose myself. Then it became an obsession. I love exhibitionism. Male exhibitionism has been made into something dangerous, but I tell you because I am an expert in exhibitionism through several decades of doing it. The TRUE exhibitionist is a showoff; seeking willing observers who willingly watch. There is no contact. Sometimes there is consensual contact. Rapists and other scum use exhibitionism to rape and molest, thus exhibitionism in terms of males have become – make them all into sex offenders. Label them with scorn.

    Exhibitionism is fun when the audience is family members or strangers who willingly position themselves to watch. That is the thrill of REAL exhibitionism. I almost never ejaculate while performing in exhibitionism. I ejaculate when I make love or when watching pornography. I am a seasoned exhibitionist and I love it so much I do it online in adult websites. Doing it in public is so dangerous today for men that it is not worth the stigmatism of being labeled a sex offender. I wish it could be made legal on one’s own property; say backyard, or even a legal festive day for public exhibitionism in a specified public location annually or more often.

  • Julie Spiteri says:

    I think I have always been an exhibitionist to be honest, even as a teenager I wore revealing clothes and never wore a bra under my t-shirts or knickers under my skirts. I loved the attention I received from guys then and still do to this day. Over time I got more daring and began sharing nude photos of myself with strangers, showing off my body was very exciting and I just loved the compliments I received. In recent years I have been posting my photos on the net for everyone to see, I just love the thought of guy’s all over the world seeing me completely naked.

  • Emily says:

    The gym is a perfect place to show off. I’m like super petite and I look younger than my age, especially when I shave my pubic hair. I think that helps me come across as a young ditz and not an exhibitionist!

    I wear soccer shorts with no undies working out, and they are extra baggy on me. I lay on a mat with my knees bent and apart and the shorts fall down right to my bum. Pulling one side over and my vagina is out to play lol! I do some small hand weight things to make it look like I’m clueless. I love when people notice walking by.

    My most risky act by far is masturbating in the shower room. It is almost impossible to do it start to finish without someone realizing. So, I worked myself up almost to climax in a stall lol and then hit the showers. Still had to be creative to not get caught, but it’s a lot easier!

    After showering, I dry off and get dressed but stay naked for as long as I can. I drop stuff on purpose and dig through my bag lol so I can bend over a lot. Some ladies are really close and I know they get a good view of everything from behind.

  • Kevin c says:

    I have been an exhibitionist ever since high school When I met my high school girlfriend She loved having sex Where we could be caught or watched She used to tell me when she was at work she worked in a clothing store Women would go in the dressing room Sometimes she would catch a peak of a woman bending over or naked she said it would make her horny and That she would go in one of the other dressing rooms and Masturbate

  • Hyper says:

    Quite an interesting article, thanks for sharing it.

    Could you recommend some website/groups where would be possible to meet more people interested in that ?

    If I may ask, would be possible to get in touch with some of the people who just commented above (such as Julie and Emily)? If they would agree with that of course 🙂

  • Ahmad says:

    Frankie 👍👍

  • Stephen says:

    I used to do exhibitionism in public. I loved the thrill of possibly being caught. Soon after I discovered masturbation as a teen, I enjoyed parking in a mall parking lot and pulling down my shorts and masturbating. I was careful not to get caught, but it was thrilling to stroke my cock in the parking lot while women passed in front of my car.

  • Terry says:

    I am retired and have always been a closet exhibitionist. Recently I decided to be nude all the time at home. My wife didn’t like it much at first but now she has accepted it. I love being nude day and night. And I love walking around naked in front of her. It feels so good to be naked in my garage with the garage door up. The neighbors can’t see me because we ghave a wood fence between us but I keep hoping they will look through the cracks.
    I usually jack off at the end of the day. Can’t wait to get up the next morning and have another clothes free day.

  • Jesse says:

    There are several books on this subject. One that I recommend is called Ideas In Psychanalysis: Exhibitionism by Brett Kahr. It’s a scholarly look at those who expose. Another, which I think is probably even better, is simply called The Exhibitionist, by Little Frog. (A pseudonym, I hope.) This one is a personal memoir of an exhibitionist who spent most of his life exposing and who got caught on a number of occasions. It’s a cautionary tale but also a very informative story, much more casual than the first book. Both can be found on Amazon. I imagine that a lot of people who come to this site are real exhibitionists, people who expose themselves to others on a regular basis and who are looking for answers, not merely suggestions for legal exposing. They get the real thrill from exposing to the unwilling audience. I have been one of those people. Both of the books I mention will give you answers.

  • Bennie says:

    I commented once but want to comment on the post by Jesse. In my early years of exhibitionism. In my thirties I went through this psychoanalysis period. Buying books to understand why I was as I was. A lot of fear and self-loathing associated because I was different and did not know why. But I will tell you all now. There is nothing, absolutely nothing to denigrate yourself over about being an exhibitionist. There are many fetishes that people do that are one hundred times worse than anything an exhibitionist would do. Bestiality, crap eaters, piss drinkers, and the list goes on and on.

    Exhibitionism if you are not a rapist or child molester is fun. Young persons are not damaged by seeing you naked with an erection and jerking. Only the young or older person who has the inborn inclination awakened is the one who wants to see more and experience more and they will make themselves available or try to. When I use the word combination of “young person” I do not attach an age so do not assume I speak of prepubescents. Teens are not complete strangers to sexual awareness and desires when awakened. Our laws in the U.S. and around the world in fact make it a crime for adult males (women get a pass) and are very harsh. Whatever you do; 1) do not rape, 2) do not force yourself upon another person for self-sexual gratification, 3) do your mutual consent behind closed doors and do all sexual things together on a consensual basis. When the other person says no respect that no and remember rules one and two.

  • Bennie says:

    One other thing about male exhibitionism. Any male who goes about exposing himself in various places where there are children or even teen and adult females, need help, because they are potential forceful molesters and rapists. The male exhibitionist who stays away from schools, parks, and other areas and events where there are these targets of exhibitionism is a person who has worked to gain control over this obsession. It can take years.

    Performing exhibitionism from home – opening the curtains and drapes, or having the front door, and in some cases the back door open is a suitable way of exhibitionism for a male. Be careful, you can attract too much attention and that is not good. Don’t be a sneaky creep. Exhibitionism – exposing the genital in a department store or other such place where people purchase things is risky if you do not notice store cameras. I personally have never performed exhibitionism other than from home as described. I am a good-looking 75-year-old who has often been described as in my fifties. Women are attracted to me because of that, and I prove not to be a creep or rapist in disguise. Respect boundaries is not a slogan. It is a way of having fun with exhibitionism without being a danger to anyone. Society looks upon male exhibitionism as a crime that produces victims or persons that are traumatized – thus the labeling of sex offender. Society has associated male exhibitionism with forcible rape and /or forceful molestation, or sexual contact without the other person’s consent. Unfortunately, many of these men lack the mental and emotional control, and they lack the respect for personal boundaries of the other person or people. The exhibitionist such as me get a bum rap. Public exhibitionism has become so dangerous to the male exhibitionist that it is not worth doing at all. Go online to the adult sex webcam sites. If though, you are indeed a sick individual who tramples on personal boundaries, you are a danger and need to be stopped.

  • Jim Owen says:

    Exabitionist looking for someone who likes to watch

  • L says:

    Jim owen… I’d love to watch… and be watched.
    I’ve been exhibitionist since a little guy age 6. I’d call my sister and when she looked I’d dash across the hallway naked and giggling.

    At age 8, living in So. Amer I’d stand in the window to be seen by pedestrians passing by. It was never a problem because it was actually common to see boys and girls naked in the streets.

    Now at 75 I’m still loving it altho i restrict myself very carefully now and I’m in the usa. I’m naked at home as much as possible, wear baggy shorts in the yard in summer (and always squat and bend and sit so that anyone intent on seeing is going to see plenty), sleep naked of course, and haven’t worn underwear for the last 15 yrs. I can play lightly when driving, as well, and try to wear easy access pants when driving alone..

    I esp like undressing or even “playing” with window blinds mostly open. Where i shower i have blinds tipped juuust enuf that lady next door can see if she cares to. She’d have to go upstairs and look out one particular little window, so no one is really “forced” to see. I have no idea if she has ever seen or even cares but it does me good to know she might. 😋

  • Jack Lois says:

    I love this topic
    I have been an exhibitionist lover for decades now, I read lots of stories based on this kink. My interest came from an encounter I had when I was 17, an older woman around 30 saw me naked in my holiday appt, I wasn’t aware she could see me as I innocently prepared for the day ahead.
    She later approached me at the pool to let me know, I was mortified and I had no reply for her other than my apology.
    The next day I noticed her at the window, she gestured for me to get nude again. I did so and then became erect, I ended up masturbating while she watched, one of the most erotic things I have ever done.
    Another time in my early 20’s I was out with a group of friends and some others I didn’t know too well joined. I ended up alone with a group of about 10 people after my group of friends left earlier. I was jumped and stripped naked outside a bar, the group consisted of 3-4 females too. They held me down as I struggled and eventually my jeans and underwear were pulled free. I was humiliated and eventually broke free, I was chased as I ran for home, 2 of the girls were mostly involved in the chase, barefoot I struggled to outrun them. I remember becoming erect as I ran and felt my genitals slapping against my legs. They gave up in the end, I got close to home and was hiding between cars and bushes, I stayed erect and before reaching home I masturbated to orgasm. A very conflicting situation

    I enjoy discussing my experiences along with our bodies and how we respond. I find the exhibitionism topic fascinating


  • freddough says:

    Love showing off in wooded areas. So hott! Looking to get in touch with friends that have the same mindset!

  • Bob says:

    I like to jerk off in my vehicle while women walk by! Very hot!

  • John says:

    I used to walk around my neighborhood naked at night, usually had a strong erection. I also like to shave off all my body hair. I no longer go out naked at night because everyone has those doorbell cameras now.

    This might be weird, but I do NOT want to be seen. That’s why I did it at night. I just like the thrill of being outside naked. I don’t want anyone to see me, and I don’t want to be reported and arrested.

  • Daphne says:

    I did not realize I had this tendency until I started to explore why I was getting turned on during a massage. Besides the lovely feeling of someone else’s hands on my body, there was also the fact that the girl doing my massage was clothed, but I was nude. This was a turn on for me. It made me feel vulnerable, and in a way, SUBMISSIVE.
    So I have developed this theory that, for ME, being naked in front of someone else makes me feel submissive in a way, like a mild humiliation, and it’s very erotic.

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