Get Your Momma Glow On: Tips for a Sensual, Glowing Pregnancy

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You’ve only got 9 months to relish in that curvy figure, delightfully full breasts, and heavenly glow that only Mother Nature can instill, so why waste a single minute?

While your hormones are having a field day with your sanity, they’re also creating a ripe environment for lush sexual experiences and self-exploration. This is your moment to take extra me-time and spoil your gorgeous, pregnant self silly.

We know it’s tough to feel like a Goddess when you’ve got morning sickness or killer muscle cramps, so we’ve put together a to-do list to bring out the blissful beauty of becoming a mother.

Turn the little things into a sensual ritual

The most basic daily routines, like simply slathering on lotion, can become tiresome when your body is working overtime. Try putting a sensual, ritualistic spin on seemingly small tasks that help connect you with your changing shape.

Incorporate some mindfulness into regular routines, such as putting on lotion or body oils. Set aside time to really focus on your senses during this time: the smell of the products you’re using, the way it feels on your skin, how your skin shines after applying it, and how it feels before and after. Taking the time to really focus on your senses can help make you feel more sensual in your new, pregnant skin.

Explore the healing power of orgasms

The secret is officially out: pregnancy can make for some truly incredible sex. Though sometimes you’ll feel too bloated to be in the mood, pounce on every waking minute of lusty daydreams. We hear they’ll happen way more often than you think!

Many women are surprised to find out just how intense their sexual and erotic feelings can be when they’re pregnant. Due to changes in levels of hormones like estrogens and progesterone and an increase in blood flow to various parts of the body – particularly the external and internal genitals – orgasms are often experienced as much stronger and more sensitive.

The ultimate remedy for riding out every pregnancy peeve is with sexual pleasure. If you’re not up for penetration, some coconut oil and a giving partner, limber hand, or trusty vibrator are every bit as ecstatically good (or better).

Get buoyant

Who wouldn’t be exhausted from lugging around a front-heavy few extra pounds that cropped up mere months ago? Water holds the key to sweet, weightless relief.

One of the side effects of pregnancy is the fatigue from the fetus’s development, but also the extra weight a woman is carrying around doing her daily routine. A nice pregnancy hack is literally taking a load off by getting into some water and floating around, giving your body a break from the extra weight strain.

You can also try taking an exercise class, like water aerobics, if you’re an exercise enthusiast. Water-based exercise brings oxygen to the whole body, causing endorphins to kick in, increasing mood, stamina and libido.

If you’re too drained to work-out, now’s a great time to indulge in the calm silence of a float tank.

Another sensual, relaxing water experience involves a float tank. Also referred to as isolation or sensory deprivation tanks, these large individual tanks contains loads of magnesium, which allows for easy, stress-free floating.

You can find spas and medical facilitates that allow you to book sessions in a float tank online, as you probably don’t have the extra space for a giant bathtub next to the crib.

Celebrate your shape with a sexy shopping spree

Your gorgeous, glowing form deserves to be decked out in the most divine lingerie. Even if you’ll only fit into those lush, lacy numbers for a few months, we think it’s all worth it because you look absolutely fantastic, and that deserves a celebration (and your partner will enthusiastically agree).

Some women unfortunately feel less attractive as their bodies grow larger and their bellies fill out. We suggest celebrating that beautiful growing tummy, larger breasts, and round hips by fully embracing and flaunting these changes – for yourself and your partner, who undoubtedly finds you insanely hot in your Goddess form.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t feel beautiful, attractive, sensual and sexy during this incredibly special time in your life. We’ve found a great list of gorgeous maternity lingerie to get you started on the road to loving those new curves.

Immortalize your Goddess form in a photoshoot

Want to really get your money’s worth on all that lingerie? Book a photoshoot with a boudoir theme. These days, there are tons of photographers – many of whom are women – who know just how to make your pregnant curves pop.

One of our favorite pregnancy hacks is getting professional pregnancy shots taken, particularly boudoir shots, during the late second or early third trimesters. We know this takes courage to step outside your comfort zone and embrace the vulnerability of becoming a new mom, but the feeling of sensuality and empowerment it facilitates is beyond worth it.

A little bit of Googling will lead you in the right direction for a great photographer, especially if you’d prefer to shoot in a women-only environment or want a make-up artist to create a va-va-voom look.

There are many photographers who specialize in this type of work, providing hair and makeup, props and sets in a studio, and lots of encouragement and comfort so you’ll feel your best before, during, and after the shoot.

If you already feel sexy in your curvy bod, a photo session will allow you to appreciate and memorialize the beauty of pregnancy for a lifetime. However, we think a photo shoot is especially great for women who don’t feel particularly sexy (yet!). Having your make-up and hair done, being styled on set, and then lit up like a movie star will prove that your pregnant self is quite possibly the most gorgeous version you’ve ever seen.

Please note that advice offered by Intimina may not be relevant to your individual case. For specific concerns regarding your health, always consult your physician or other licensed medical practitioners.

2 thoughts on “Get Your Momma Glow On: Tips for a Sensual, Glowing Pregnancy

  • Zoe savvides says:

    Hi there , i am 12 weeks pregnant and feel so unattractive what can i do to feel better ?


    • INTIMINA says:

      Hi Zoe! That’s a tough, but very common experience for people while pregnant. And different things work for different people! Some focus on activities not related to their body that help them feel strong and smart – like working out, doing crosswords, that sort of thing. Other people amp up their personal pampering, by trying out new makeup or getting an ultra silky robe for lounging when their clothes don’t quite fit. But, if you’re able, I would also suggest reaching out to a professional to discuss these feelings. Some people feel like therapy is just for when ‘things get really bad’, but the right therapist can give you tools and tricks to deal with things like self-esteem, that you can use at any time!

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