How Yoni Mapping Therapy Can Nurture & Heal Your Sexuality

If you’ve ever felt like your vagina was anything less than magical, your yoni might be in need of a pep talk. Yoni mapping is the latest self-empowerment tool to hit the niche of sacred sexuality, and this unique form of therapy promises to heal and fulfill our sensual selves with a spiritual touch.

What is Yoni Mapping Therapy?

Taken from the Sanskrit for vagina, the definition of the word yoni encompasses the entire life-giving reproductive system. Yoni Mapping Therapy is a blend of talk therapy and external and internal massage that aims to release mental and physical tension and heal old wounds that are preventing vagina owners from living their best lives and discovering their personal truths.

Created by Australian sex educator and pleasure coach Bonnie Bliss, Yoni Mapping Therapy – The Bliss Method is the only official version of this intimate massage modality that considers the entire spectrum of mental and physical sexual health. Bliss crafted the method to address inconsistencies in the field of intimate touch therapy and build a team of ethical, certified therapists around the globe.

What happens during a Yoni Mapping session?

For starters, we know what you’re thinking, and the answer is: yes, your entire pelvic area will be massaged, and this includes around your vulva and inside the vagina. But hold up, no one’s going to toss you down on an exam table and start digging around! This definitely isn’t a trip to the gyno.

A session generally runs 3 hours, beginning with some tea and introductions to set a comfortable mood, and an entire hour of counseling before any potential disrobing. Some first-timers choose to forego any actual touch therapy until a later session – or never. Consent is an obvious top priority.

It’s totally ok to be nervous, too. Most women aren’t calm from the get-go of their first session, but leave completely convinced of the power of feminine touch.

Your practitioner will spend at least the first hour in conversation, letting you talk through your sexual experiences and asking thoughtful questions that can lead to self-discovery and healing. If you do decide to follow with the massage, the practitioner now has a better idea of which physical areas need healing.

Your consent will of utmost concern throughout the entire session, and every touch is up to you. You’re welcome to stop at any time and discuss difficult emotions with your therapist.

Is Yoni Mapping meant to be a sexual experience?

The idea of a vaginal and vulvar massage could be the ultimate turn-on, or totally off-putting. But don’t be mistaken – The Bliss Method of Yoni Mapping isn’t designed as an erotic experience.

The point of this specific therapy session isn’t physical arousal. Many women have laughed or cried as their bodies reacted to sensitivities or released muscle tension, while others describe something akin to a climax that resonates throughout their entire body. The massage portion of Yoni Mapping Therapy is actually just that – a massage, albeit obviously one in a very personal space.

There is a chance you’ll discover the location of your G-spot, as practitioners are highly skilled in teaching women about their anatomy, and some women have reached climax when they felt ready. But truly, your therapist isn’t trying to get you off, and if you don’t feel comfortable taking your session to that level, you’ll still be able to experience the full healing benefits of the massage.

How can Yoni Mapping Therapy help me?

What your practitioner hopes to change via your session is the way women choose and think about who has consent to enter their personal space. We can hold tension in our pelvises from everything from uncomfortable or traumatic sexual experiences to the often numbing environment of visiting a gynecologist, which dampens our ability to feel pleasure. Yoni Mapping finds and releases the source of sexual set-backs and unhealthy habits that hide in muscle knots and tightness.

The actual internal mapping creates a framework for what physical areas need attention. Practitioners keep the conversation flowing as they essentially get women fully acquainted with their own vaginas.

How can I find a practitioner?

Only 25 women in the entire world are certified in Yoni Mapping Therapy – The Bliss Method. Though other massage therapists and sexual health educators may offer this type of therapy, it can be difficult to tell whether they legitimately understand the delicate process of holding sexual space for others, which can only be learned with extensive training and certification.

The majority of the world’s Yoni Mapping therapists reside in Australia, though you can find a few in Scandinavia and one in the United States using this official guide. Luckily, most practitioners are also world-travelers, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them and inquire if they’ll be visiting your country anytime soon.

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