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We aren’t ones to brag (well, unnecessarily, anyway) and we just can’t shut up about Lily Cup Compact. The very first collapsible and reusable menstrual cup on the market, it got a lot of buzz – like, Top 2% of Most Funded Kickstarter Projects Ever type buzz.

And why not? This little cup promises on-the-go protection you can take anywhere once you collapse it down in its convenient carry case. Whether you’re a hard-core traveller or just want a cup that conveniently fits in the emergency pocket of your purse, you can pick up a Lily Cup Compact  online or at your local CVS – and if convenience hasn’t convinced you, just check out these rave reviews!


Lily Cup Compact Review: A total game changer for your period

“I couldn’t believe how simple it was. And also how comfortable. I wasn’t really even comfortable, I just couldn’t feel it at all. And it’s so convenient too because you don’t need to constantly change it like a tampon.”

“I think [Lily Cup Compact] is going to be especially great for travelling because you can wear it all day without worrying about finding clean bathrooms or searching for your usual tampon brand in a foreign place. I have the Lily Cup Compact which is even better for travelling because it’s collapsible and folds down into a tiny box which is a similar size to a compact blusher[.] “

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Product Review: The Intimina Lily Cup Compact

“Personally I found the Lily Cup Compact to be an absolute dream to use. It was easy to insert and, once in, it what very unobtrusive. Honestly it hardly feels like it’s inserted at all!

The main reason I know I’m wearing the Lily Cup Compact is because I can feel a little bit of pressure in my vagina but that’s nothing compared to wearing a pad or tampon. Wearing the Lily Cup Compact gives me the freedom to do whatever I wish without being tethered down by my period, which is well worth the price tag of the Lily Cup Compact.”

Emmeline loved reviewing Lily Cup Compact!



Lily Cup Compact Review

“It took me some time to work it and I almost gave up, but now that I know how to use it correctly I will never ever buy and use tampons ever again! Never worry about if I have packed enough tampons or not!”

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Using A Menstrual Cup: Intimina Lily Cup Compact Review

“As you can see [Lily Cup Compact is] so small in size that you can easily fit it into a purse. The case is discreet so most people wouldn’t even know what it is. I can carry it around and take it anywhere when I’m travelling, knowing I’ll never have to pack a bulky box of tampons into my suitcase.”

Pommie explains how to get the hang of a new cup – and then love it!


Lily Cup Compact Review: Yup, We’re Doing This

“I’m telling you, it’s easy sailing once you’ve learned to relax and have gotten used to inserting it. I’ve worked out in mine and obviously slept in it. I know I read some people were concerned about your period blood, like, sloshing against your cervix when doing yoga, but…. no. You’ll be fine. That sloshing is not a thing.

Also, I should point out for any younger readers whose overly zealous parents somehow think inserting anything into your vagina means losing your virginity… Just no. That is also not a thing. None of the creepy ways society has told us to look for virginity loss are real metrics. Please read up on it and then have your parents talk to a doctor.”

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LILY CUP COMPACT REVIEW | Intimina Menstrual Cup

“It is made of medical grade sillicone, and it’s super, super soft. Like, I see some reviews where they are really hard…

And it is help designed by gynecologists which is great.”

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Lily Cup Compact Review (The Collapsible Menstrual Cup)

“As a final thought, another friend of mine who is a fellow #vagangelist (Amanda of The Eco-Friendly Family) has been testing this cup and found it to work without any leaks.  Like flowers and snowflakes, all vaginas are unique and

beautiful so while this cup didn’t work as well as I had hoped for me I know it can work well.  Hopefully you are now armed with information so that you can decide if the Lily Cup Compact will work for you.”

Full review is ready for the readers


A Review of the Lily Cup Compact: Best Menstrual Cup for Travel

“Just as there’s a learning curve when you start using a menstrual cup for the first time, there’s a learning curve with each type of cup too. Although it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of how they work, each type/brand fits and feels different.

I’ve only been using the Lily Cup Compact for a few days now, so I don’t see it completely replacing my other cups as a total favorite at this point. I do see it as a cup that will always be in my bag as my new White Pants Bestie. It’s always there, sitting in it’s little compact case, just in case I need it.”

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A review of the INTIMINA Lily Cup Compact collapsible menstrual cup

“In comparison to a Moon Cup, the Lily Cup Compact is made with thinner, softer medical-grade silicone which is slightly more flexible. I don’t know whether this will affect how long it lasts, but it feels sturdy and I can’t imagine it would tear or degrade easily.”

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