Mindful Menstruation

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When it comes to menstruation and being mindful, we sometimes see this as an impossible task. “How the hell can I soothe my worried mind and mixed raging emotions during this time of the month?”.

One thing we can assure you is that everything will be ok, when entering our PMS phase, life can seem a bit chaotic and overwhelming.

This is all very understood and not taken for granted, you can’t expect yourself to go on living business as usual when you have mind-blowing amounts of various hormones being pumped into your delicate system, who can blame you?

Each woman is unique and we’re all walking along this wild journey called life on our own, so try not to judge another’s women’s menstrual journey or your own, we all have our own paths to walk.

Here we will give you a couple of coping methods for dealing with your imbalanced hormones during this time of the month.

Try to see reality as it is

When menstruating our emotions are running wild and may feel extremely heightened and put under the pressure of the spotlight. I/we like to look at it as if I have stepped out of my normal balanced self for this limited amount of time and that’s ok, this too shall pass like everything in life, right?

The trick here is to know that your general judgment is quite clouded atm and to not take yourself too seriously.

Look at it as if your life is a marvelous window and your period is a big beautiful curtain covering the view and blocking your eyes from perceiving reality as it is.

At times, this can be quite frustrating, just remember that you are not your emotions and maybe try during these times to just let yourself flow, try to get in touch with your deepest darkest self without judgment or fear.

Let go of all the irrelevant thoughts that are not serving you, move the distracting vail from your eyes, and accept the true reality as it is.

Change your perspective

Another really good method for coping with menstrual mood swings is to try and notice when your mind has gone wandering off into made-up stories in your mind, just notice it. Avoid invalidating your feelings or thoughts, just observe them pass by.

There is a wonderful thought exercise that was inspired by headspace. Look at your mind as if it’s a busy road full of traffic driving both ways. Now imagine that each vehicle driving by, is a thought or a feeling, while you’re a pedestrian observing the traffic from the sidewalk.

Now, if you’ll run into the middle of the road you may get hurt or scare yourself, if you decide to run after a certain car, how will that help you except for tiring you out? The same goes for your mind. Instead of trying to hurt yourself in various ways, try just observing the traffic drive by, without any unneeded attachments.

Just sit there and look, maybe even try to appreciate all the things surrounding that road such as trees, rivers, city lights or whatever you would like to picture around that busy flowing road. Remember to just observe and don’t attach or judge yourself during these intense menstrual times.

Just remember that everything will be ok, just breath in and out, embrace the feeling, go through it and let it go.

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