These Are INTIMINA’s Office Period Stories

Even though most of us spent two months working from home and enjoying perks like staying in pyjama bottoms all day, things are slowly but surely coming (somewhat) to normal. Offices are being reopened, and, with all precautionary measures being taken, we’re back! 

Truth to be told, working from home office had its perks – sleeping a tad bit longer, eating breakfast regularly, and maybe even giving yourself time to try to get used to a menstrual cup.

It was the best opportunity to take some time, explore your body, and get used to this reusable menstrual solution.

But, now we’re back and ready, period and all of its weary symptoms might become a burden again. No one wants to stain their favourite pair of jeans and nobody feels like sitting on a long meeting with those nasty cramps.

That’s why we asked some of the lovely ladies in our office what is the hardest thing about having a period while at work and how are they managing it.


“The first day of my period is always the hardest, no matter where I am. I would gladly spend it in bed, but you know, adult life means I can’t always do that! I feel tired and drenched, but I manage to go through my workday with the help of pain killers. Sometimes you can even see it in my posture and on my face so people have asked me if I’m ok. I’m fine, just bleeding!”


“The first day of my period is the worst and it gives me a hard time at work. Sometimes I can’t really focus while cramps are kicking my butt so I need to take a few more breaks than usual. I use them to go make myself some tea that often helps relieve the cramps. Anyway, not the best time but luckily those symptoms only last for a day or two in my case.”


“I always thought something was wrong with me because I have incredibly painful periods, but once my mom and grandma started telling horror stories about their painful periods at work it was so liberating knowing they’ve both been through it.

Now I can confidently say – I’m on my period and I’m staying home – with all the essentials prepared by my husband – a warm blanket, tea, Nutella, and cuddles.”

So, whatever the case is – it’s completely normal. Periods are hard and it’s ok to feel slow and tired, but it’s also a healthy part of our lives. If fluffy blankets and chocolate are helpful – grab some of those! If taking a day off or working from home do the trick – go for it!

Painkillers? Glass (or two) of the vine after hours?

Sure, why not – anything that makes you feel like you can make it easier, just do it!

The most important thing is to do what’s best for you. At the end of the day, this will happen once a month and as soon as you find your perfect formula to beat those cramp and moodiness, periods will be easier, even in your office.

Do you have a funny, inspirational, or educating story and experience with period at your workplace? Share them alongside your tips and tricks on how you deal with period at work.

We’d love to hear those! Join our little project on our Instagram account.

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