To Come or Not to Come: Orgasmic Meditation

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Goosebumps, curled toes, a rush of pleasure unlike anything else, we’re talking about, you guessed it- orgasms. We all know about them, and we all want them. Yet discussions around the female orgasm are elusive, misguided, and are often not even facilitated by women themselves. 

Some studies suggest that a staggering 10-40% of women have difficulty or an inability orgasming. That’s a huge gap, and leads us to believe that there are even larger gaps in the research. 

Our bodies are designed for pleasure. Those with female bodies were given this incredible ability to cum and from a number of different ways. So why are so many women having difficulty orgasming?

Despite the work of the waves of feminism and the sexual revolution, women’s pleasure is still widely misunderstood. Much of the data we have is collected by men, and in a very linear fashion. Frankly, pleasure is a difficult thing to quantify.

There are so many factors from trauma, to self-consciousness, to shame, that could be inhibiting a woman’s ability to fall into the waves of pleasure. 

Being in these human bodies means we’re all deserving of pleasure. Which is why we’re seeing a growing trend of practices and therapies that seek to close the pleasure gap. That’s where Orgasmic Meditation comes in. Pun intended. 

Orgasmic Meditation, or OM, is a practice that aims to take the rushed focus off of “finishing” during sexual encounters, and facilitate an experience that allows people to feel the gentle, and sometimes electric, waves of pleasure that comes with slowing down, and taking the emphasis off of penetration. 

OMing is NOT foreplay. In fact, teachers of this technique strongly encourage partners to set time aside specifically for their OM practice, where it won’t lead to further sexual activities. OMing is goalless, which allows people to stay present in the practice, without worrying about “achieving” something, or what may come next. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

So what exactly happens during an Orgasmic Meditation session?

OMing involves two people: the receiver, or “strokee”, is someone who has a clitoris (woman, non-binary, or trans) and a “stroker”, who can be anyone. While OMing is most popular amongst couples, there are meetups and workshops where single people can experience OMing in a safe, controlled environment. 

First things first: Setting the space. To fully ease into the practice, you need to create a comfortable nest. Using props and pillows, the zone is created to promote a sense of safety and comfort. The strokee lays back comfortably, legs in a butterfly position with their legs in a specific position in relation to the stroker. The stroker stays fully clothed, while the strokee only undresses from the waist down. 

There is a specific spot on the clitoris that the strokee stimulates for a set period of time- always 15 minutes. To find the spot, OMers say to start at 1’o clock to the strokee’s left. This is a good place to start off, however it is just a reference point. As OMing is a meditation, it asks you to drop into the moment and pay attention to the subtle changes.

The spot may move and change, and will be different from person to person. The stroker may feel a zing under their fingertips, and allow their intuition to guide them as they watch and feel the strokee’s reactions. To learn more about the specific technique of OMing, OneTaste offers a free PDF with specific details as to how to develop an OM practice. 

So what’s the difference between OMing and foreplay? Bottom line is that Orgasmic Meditation is just that- a meditation. It is a practice that will shift depending on what is going in your life, and it will look different each time. OMing takes the transactionary expectation out of sexual encounters, a toxic habit that keeps people from being able to truly connect.

It allows people to focus on sensation, and feel each nuance and electrical current between the stroker and strokee. 

For the strokee, they are able to give with no expectation of receiving. Most strokers reflect on their experiences as having received so much just through the act of diving into this potent meditation with someone else- even though they are not having their genitals touched in any way.

Those who practice OMing develop a deeper sense of connection with their bodies, and their ability to articulate their needs. 

OMing doesn’t just heal in areas related to our sexuality. Orgasmic Meditation asks for a state of vulnerability. This vulnerability allows for transformation and healing in areas that are so often neglected. It gives us a chance to experience the mind, body, spirit connection on a tangible, yet visceral level.

Our pleasure and ability to be vulnerable is so inextricably linked with our overall health and well being. When we are able to break down blockages we carry in our bodies, we start to experience a state of harmony and fluidity.

21 thoughts on “To Come or Not to Come: Orgasmic Meditation

  • Matt says:

    Hey, did something happen to OneTaste? I can not access the website. I was looking to see if they had it in my area.

  • clotilde says:

    Anyone has the one taste pdf guide to OMing? The site is down or something, thanks

  • Jonathan Leyland says:

    hi I have a 2019 OM container document, would you like that emailed?

  • Peter North says:

    omg…once i had my first kid, god bless his heart – in 2017 – my sex-life changed for ever!
    i started developing these spiritual-aspects and beliefs very quickly, and i found myself smack-center of these really intense orgasmic meditation sessions!

    IDK how i got so lucky and blessed to experience this, but when i am with my partner – she just has to be in the same room as me, i can literally lay in bed – without her touching me, and i can just think about her (erotically of course/but not always) and i start getting these very-pleasant vibrations and “blissful” feelings in my genitals, and OMG is it amazing!

    Again, I’m not sure where this came from, but i somehow developed these like psychic abilities and have this connection with my son that’s totally changed my life and has helped me out of depression in the biggest and best way possible! not only that, it’s enhanced my relation ship with my parter/wife – we now have the best sessions (sexually) and its so fulfilling, like, idk what happened but i am sooooo blessed!

    Again, meditating and for me, personally, thinking about someone or something that turns me on when i meditate becomes very orgasmic very quickly most often…call me crazy, but i start hearing my wife’s voice after sitting still and just staring at one spot for long-enough – and oddly, i even hear her mother’s voice sometimes? which is totally fine, i mean, i am not seeking it – but her mother is really attractive, and for some reason when i hear her voice it make’s me feel like I’m about to (excuse my bluntness – CUM!) – like, it’s totally orgasmic…idk..i may be experiencing and playing with what many call the “Astro-plane” ? idk, I’ve even taken my meditation-sessions as far as feeling as if i fall into a dream, like a sex-dream which becomes very sexual, and very fast – it’s almost as if i am experiencing a wet-dream while wide-awake?

    – i must add here… i have ORgone generators and Orgonite pendants that i wear and have on me / am around 24/7 – and i have found these devices / the orgonite to be very stimulating in a sexual way, like, if i am not mistaken – orgonite has roots to the word orgasm – and it’s so much more than that, but anyway, yeah, just thought i would share my 2 cents!

    Anyone curious, you can absolutely meditate and develop spiritually / connect with your higher-power and it can very quickly become an orgasmic experience – i believe this is what they call “bliss”, its just a very good feeling! lol

    Take care and god blesss!
    – B

  • Chet De Biaso says:

    Hi Jonathan. Just as with Jennifer, I am unable to access the One Taste information. Can you please email me the 2019 OM Container document. My fiancee and I want to learn more about this practice. Thank you.

  • Geena Johnson says:

    I’m reading that they had some issues with the Feds, unsure if they were resolved but I too would love the secret pdf, do share?

  • craig says:

    Please send PDF. Thank you.

  • Art says:

    Please send PDF thank you

  • Please send me the pdf

  • Deborah Crump says:

    Please send me the PDF

  • Kenneth says:

    I would also like to have the PDF.
    Please send it to:
    Thank you very much.

  • Marilyn Young says:

    Send the PDF

  • Tisha says:

    Yea there is a documentary about the woman who started OM. It shows her rise and fall. I think she started off genuine and seemed like she knew.what she was talking about but then I think she got greedy and and then went all over the place with the things she was coming up with.

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