Sex Slang From Around The World

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All aboard!

We’re going on a trip around the world – Intimina style.

We’ve rounded up the most stand-out phrases, expressions, idioms, and slang about sex that we could find from across the planet, and throughout time. 

So grab your Google translate (just kidding we took care of that bit for you), and tune in!

Australia: In The Nuddy

We feel like this one might become part of our regular rotation.

This one may be self-explanatory. It means “naked”, but is much more fun and cute to say.

Barbados: Foup

If you’re going to foup in Barbados, congratulations, You’re going to have sexual intercourse. 

Bahamas: Finga Pop

To “finga pop” someone means to sexually penetrate them with your fingers, or as we sometimes call it – fingering.

Belize: Cocoa Stroke

We don’t know about you, but this one sure gets our engines running. 

To cocoa stroke means to pet the vagina. Purrrr. 

Brazil: Grelo, Grelinho

This sweet Brazilian Portuguese term translates to “sprout” or “little sprout”.

In a sexual context, it means clitoris. Watch that little sprout grow!

China: Zhǒngcǎoméi

This phrase means to plant strawberries.

If you kiss someone a little too passionately and leave a mark, what do you call it? A hickey of course!

If you do this, you’ve given someone a hickey. 

Ecuador: Comerce

While this literally means “to eat”, be careful what context you say it in, because you also might be saying “to have sex”. 

France: “Grimper aux rideaux”:

Ah, French, the language of love. This phrase meaning “to climb the curtain” can also mean to blow one’s mind or reach seventh heaven. 

In essence, it means one has done exceptionally well in the sack. 

Germany: Lustperle

This one isn’t difficult to figure out on your own. If you’re a fan of rubbing your lustperle, then you enjoy touching your clitoris.

Hammer! (That’s german for awesome).

Haiti: Carpot

If you’re going to have sex in Haiti, you may want to ask for a carpot, or condom. 

India: Hasthamaithun

In Hindi, hasthamaithun means quite literally “to masturbate”. 

From what we could find, this term is used for people with penises and vulvas. All right!

Indonesia: Cipok – Cipokan

If you wanted to plant one on someone while in Indonesia, you might use this term for “kiss”, “French kiss”, or “kiss on the neck”.

Ireland: Irish Toothache

Somebody call a dentist! No wait, that’s not what that means.

The term “Irish Toothache” dates back to the late 1800s and means “erect penis”. That’s the kind of toothache we can live with. If you’re into that sort of thing.

Italy: Mi Stai Facendo Venire Voglia Di Scopare

If you’re getting hot and heavy with an Italian, they’ll probably appreciate it if you drop this phrase meaning “You’re turning me on.” Steamy!

When in Rome, eh?

Jamaica: Batty Wash

To batty wash means to sexually stimulate the anus with one’s tongue. Aka a rim job.

Whew, it’s getting hot in here!

Mexico: Panocha

Panocha means “a bread”, and in Mexico is a term used for vulva or vagina.

It’s up to you how you like your bread…butter, jam, or…nut butter?

New Zealand: Root

Thank the Kiwis for this term which quite literally means “Sex”.

“Can you use it in a sentence please?”

Glad you asked, of course:

“You wanna root?”

Poland: Cipka

Cipka means a baby chicken or chick, aww how cute!

In Poland, it may also mean vagina. 

Portugal: Espanholada

If someone with a penis were to rub their member between someone’s breasts, in Portugal it would be called espanholada.

Russia: Hachu chtoby ty menja otodral

If your Russian lover is doing all the right things, you might want to use this phrase, meaning “I want you to copulate me.”

Sweden: Parkera bussen

The wheels on the bus go…you know the rest.

This cheeky phrase means “to park the bus”. I’ve never driven a bus, but I imagine it to be a somewhat difficult task.

South Africa: Steek

This Afrikaans word means stab or poke.

Can anyone take a wild guess what it’s slang for?

To have sex of course!

Trinidad & Tobago: Gooking

The weather is warm, you’re in the mood, why not give gooking a go? If you do, you’ll be having sexual intercourse.

The United States: Netflix and Chill

This is our kind of streaming!

If someone invites you over to “Netflix and chill” they most likely don’t have a movie marathon in mind. Instead, they most likely are inviting you over to have sex.

Venezuela: Alcancía

Where did you keep loose coins you collected as a kid?

In your piggy bank of course!

If you’re in Venezuela, this has another meaning…vagina.

Now that you’re proficient in sex slang from around the world, grab your passport, and whatever other sex toys and tools you keep in your arsenal. Bon voyage!

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