Sustainability as an Act of Radical Self Care

Menstruation | | Natasha Weiss
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As our world faces the growing destruction of resources, we turn to alternative ways of living outside the conventional modern lifestyle. Amidst massive fires, roaring hurricanes, and flash floods, comes the increasing awareness that it’s our responsibility as humans to maintain a more sustainable relationship with the Earth.

Every pollutant in the air, toxin in our water supply, and piece of plastic in the ocean not only has a detrimental effect on the planet, but on our health and overall well being. The way we treat the Earth mirrors how we treat our own bodies- filling our bloodstreams with unnecessary chemicals and compounds.

Having a sustainable approach towards life also becomes an act of self-care. One of the first steps in creating a more sustainable lifestyle, is examining what you consume, and the waste it produces. 

There’s a popular saying in the zero waste community “We don’t need a few people doing zero waste perfectly, we need everyone doing it imperfectly.” Big lifestyle changes take time, and happen in increments. If you are committed to change, little by little, your habits will change. 

Here we break down some practical tips as to how to incorporate sustainability into your self-care routine. 

Planet Friendly Periods

Many menstrual care products come with excessive amounts of packaging and plastic. A menstruating woman who uses tampons, will use approximately 11,000 in her lifetime! That’s a whole lot of plastic. Not to mention the bleach, pesticides, and other toxins they are chock full of. 

If you’re reading this, chances are you may have already switched to a menstrual cup. If not, it’s about time! These handy dandy, period helpers save the planet, your wallet, and your vaginal health- all while allowing you to get to know your body on a more intimate level. So do everyone a favor, and make the switch by trying out one of Intimina’s miraculous menstrual cups.

Glow from Within

What and how you consume food makes a huge impact on your reproductive and overall health. We know the general adage of eating a diet full of plants and whole foods, but when we take a closer look, we can see that there’s always room for improvement. 

Much of the food we buy in the grocery store comes in pesky plastics. Plastics that are full of hormone harming endocrine disruptors.

When we ingest food that comes in plastic, we’re exposing our bodies to these toxins, putting our health at risk, and contributing to the insane amount of plastic pollution filling the world. Take the steps to cut back on the amount of plastic you consume by changing your shopping habits. 

Gravitate towards farmer’s markets where you can buy products and goods from local suppliers, cutting back on pollution from importing food. These goods are less likely to come in unnecessary packaging, and give you the chance to support independent farms instead of huge corporations. 

Find a store with a bulk section, and use your own containers to store legumes, nuts, flours, and all sorts of goods. Make it a challenge to see what you can make from scratch- you’ll surprise yourself!

Green Your Routine

Beauty products are another common source of plastic packaging and harmful chemicals. While we don’t often put too much thought into it, everything we put on our skin is then absorbed into our bloodstream. When we use beauty products with ingredients we can’t even pronounce, they are having a direct impact on our health. 

Break out of your toxic skincare routine by simplifying your products. You may find that the less you use, the better your skin becomes. Try making your own creams and salves with simple ingredients you can find in your kitchen and garden.

Again leaning towards local- see if there are any apothecaries in your area that carry gentle, lovingly made, local beauty goods.

Simplifying your products is incredibly beneficial to those with sensitive skin, or who are prone to rashes and acne. Using less ingredients makes it easier to pinpoint any ones that may be causing or aggravating any skin issues. 

Get Outdoors

It may seem so simple- but that’s the point. As animals on this planet, we’re meant to be outdoors. The screens, concrete, and conveniences eventually take a toll on our well being. So much so, that something that is so natural to us, like sitting in the woods, becomes a radical act of self-care. 

Spending time in nature gives you a certain glow- one that fancy serums and facials can’t give. It’s full of activities that are free of packaging, all while filling your lungs with fresh oxygen straight from our leaf-covered friends. 

The more time we spend outdoors, the deeper our connection grows with the earth that supports and sustains us. When we respect our planet, we respect our bodies and health on a holistic level. Our individual health is dependent on the health of the planet. So we invite you to start small by taking the steps to green your self-care, and simplify your life. 

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