Hormone Honeymoon: What to Expect in Your 2nd Trimester

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Happy honeymoon, new moms-to-be! You’re 1/3rd of the way through your pregnancy and on to the greener pastures of your second trimester. Can you believe you’ve made it this far already without assassinating your partner for forgetting to stock up on pickles and chocolate ice cream?

Also known as the “honeymoon stage,” the second trimester spans weeks 13 through 27, and is famous for giving preggo babes a much-needed mental vacation. Because let’s face it, right about now you’re probably more excited for a little dose of hormonal relief than the actual birth (but don’t worry, we won’t tell your kids!)

If you struggled with the crazy food cravings, body aches and  pains, and emotional  insanity of the first trimester, it’s finally time to kick back and relax during these next 15 weeks. You’re going to need all that stored energy for the moment when your water breaks!

Cynically wondering why Mother Nature is about to cut you some slack? Let us count the ways that the second trimester just might become your new fave.

Bye, Bye, Morning Sickness…

Yes, you read that right. Come week 13, you can bid farewell to morning sickness. Those early bouts of nausea taper off and usually disappear completely. If your appetite waned during the first trimester due to those nasty tummy aches, it will come back right around this time – often with a vengeance ! Go ahead and fuel up on nutritious meals, but keep in mind that it’s healthiest to gain no more than ½ to 1 pound per week.

…Hello, Sex Drive!

Now that you’re no longer bogged down by the first trimester’s roller coaster of emotions and constant need to vomit, thoughts of sex will gradually creep back into your daily routine. And dang, it’s about time after those 12 insane weeks of crying over the cute, fluffy bear in those laundry soap commercials!

Those hormones are still on a high note, but this time they’re working in your favor. Increased blood flow throughout the pelvic region makes your clitoris super sensitive while creating more natural lubrication in your vagina.

Take advantage of these last few months alone with your spouse or partner, not to mention the fact that your birth control routine can be tossed out the window. Making passionate love while pregnant is the stuff of goddess-worthy legends, and it’s totally harmless for the fetus.

This Is Where the Magic Happens

When you’re not daydreaming about fairy tale sex, you’re probably excitedly awaiting one of the biggest milestones of pre-motherhood. In the second trimester, that magic moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived.

Around week 16 to 20, you’ll finally get to feel those first signs of life within your womb. Called “quickening,” the baby begins to kick and move, even getting the occasional and adorable case of the hiccups.

If you’re not feeling your little one rumble and roll yet, don’t fret. Some babies don’t start cruisin’ around your uterus until around 6 months. The wait just makes it all the more incredible when you grab your partner or older child’s hand to feel that first tiny kick.

Indulge in Your New Curves

It’ll be time to swap out your wardrobe for mama-sized maternity wear around week 16, and that can only mean one thing: all your sexiest parts are about to get ten times hotter.

Your girls at Intimina always encourage body positivity and self-love at any weight and shape throughout your life, but there’s just something special and divine about the unique curves you gain while with child. (And psst, your partner is definitely going to find you ultra gorgeous!)

On top of that growing belly, your most squeezable parts – like the breasts, booty, and thighs – add extra fat to help keep the two of you nourished and energized. Around week 27, you’ll probably have gained between 17 to 22 pounds, although baby accounts for about 2 of those.

You might also catch the first glimpses of stretch marks, but treat them with some all-natural coconut oil and most will turn a silvery white after birth.

Get Back in Your Energy Flow

By this point, you’ve mostly adjusted to all the mental and physical changes of growing a baby, so your body and mind aren’t so sensitive. Around week 10 during the first trimester, hormone levels start to drop off, and by week 13 you’re starting to feel like your old self again.

While you should definitely take some time to kick back before it’s baby go-time, use your increased energy to start planning for your little one’s arrival. Schedule your baby bump photo session, paint the nursery, and start shopping for a crib and car seat. You’ll be tired of buying diapers before you know it, so have fun on your energetic pre-babe buying spree.


Think of your second trimester as the ideal cozy resting place. The first trimester can feel crazy, and by the third, you’re ready to get this pregnancy thing over with and pop that baby out into the world. Much like in the nursery story The Three Bears – which you’ll no doubt be re-telling soon – the second trimester is juuuuust right!

Please note that advice offered by Intimina may not be relevant to your individual case. For specific concerns regarding your health, always consult your physician or other licensed medical practitioners.


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