Your Period Horror Stories: ‘My Kimono was Drenched in Blood’

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Let me paint you a picture, at that time I was an 11 or 12-year-old girl, with two brothers and five male cousins. I have found my passion in life – taekwondo, it helped me fight my brothers when necessary but also fulfilled the ‘you must do sports’ rule in my house. 

I was participating in the belt testing, looking to obtain the higher level of my yellow belt, so proud I have ascended from the lower yellow belt all the young team members had. You see, I thought the year I had on them made me a grown-up, well, that and the fact I already got my period. In fact, I was on my period at that very moment, a period which caught me ill-prepared, so I improvised by making a pad out of toilet paper – genius.

During the testing, while performing my maliciously memorized kicks, facing the jury and the wall of parents viciously clicking their cameras, I was mentally preparing for my showstopper – the roundhouse kick. What a showstopper it was, while the judges maintained their poker face, somebody’s mom, slightly to the back of the judges, gasped. At the time – I presumed from the pure awe she just witnessed. 

It was not an ‘awe’ gasp, it was a ‘Look! Her kimono is drenched in blood’ gasp. As it would appear, the ingenious ‘toilet paper pad’ I have created, could not stay in place or absorb during my testing, and my period made quite a striking appearance on my white-as-snow kimono.

Was I traumatized? Not really.

Was I feeling like a million bucks, cause ‘I am a woman hear me roar’? Absolutely not. 

Would my life be much freaking easier if someone introduced me to menstrual cups before, so I do not have to improvise with period protection? Yes ma’am. 

With INTIMINA, I am never caught ill-prepared anymore.

Guess how many kimonos I have ruined since then? 

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2 thoughts on “Your Period Horror Stories: ‘My Kimono was Drenched in Blood’

  • Sophie says:

    I remember these kinds of situations, it was too overwhelming, too much for me to go out because I was afraid my period will flush through my pants. I remember I didn’t want to go to school, so my mum would go to teacher’s office and explain the situation. Awful period, and I hope girls today have it better than I did

  • Andrea says:

    This is a similar story to mine. I always had a heavy flow when i was younger and would go through the super strength tampons in an hour or two on my really bad days. Any way, i’d put a fresh one in then went to a University lecture and was only in there for less than two hours so not really thinking about my period. Afterwards loads of us stood around chatting, and as it was tiered, i was standing above most who were looking up at me. Just before i went to go home i nipped to the loo to be confronted with a full on leak at the front of my jeans for all to see. God knows how long it had been like that and no one had told me probably because i didnt really know my fellow students that well yet.
    Mortified…yes! But while i wrangled with how i was going to leave the loo to go home without any more people seeing me, i just thought, you know what, its happened now and there isnt anything i can do to change that. So i stood proud, held my bag in front of me and walked straight home. I use a cup now and what a game changer, no more leaks ever!

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