Anything You Can Do, I Can Do #WhileBleeding

Mar 132019

We dig the old school yard tune, “Anything you can do, I can do better. I can do anything better than you!” The classic call-and-response musical number ends just how we’d assume – with a little girl facing a boy bully head-on, belting out “Yes I can, yes I can!”

We’re bringing this sing-a-long back to 2019 with an updated verse, Intimina-style: Anything you can do, I can do while bleeding. Because not only can girls do it better, they can do it with cramps, PMS, and while losing blood. How many male politicians can claim that? (None, although we wouldn’t be surprised if they tried.)

With the help from some femme-forward menstrual products, it’s easier than ever to kick ass in life, love, and career without letting your period hold you back. In fact, those added monthly hormones might even give you an extra feisty streak!

So what can you do #whilebleeding? Let us count the ways!

Go swimming, work-out, and play sports

Think your period is gonna stop you from donning a swimsuit, athletic shorts, or some skin-tight leggings? Oh, hell no! In addition to giving your period-bloated bod some extra cozy room to stretch out, there is literally zero reason to fear bleeding through your fave yoga pants or bikini.

That old rumor about your period suddenly coming to a halt in water might not be true, but if you’re wearing an eco-friendly, bleach-free tampon or a menstrual cup like the Intimina Lily Cup One, you can still dive right in. We especially love period cups because they move and groove with your body and keep you leak-free for 12 hours – or however long you can spin on that stationary bike.

Be a Trans person – with or without a period – and a completely valid, “real” woman or man

Who says you can’t be a genuine woman without having a monthly bleeding uterus, or a bonafide man who gets his period on the regular? Not us!

Many Transgender men still ovulate and bleed every month. They have to buy tampons, pads, or a reusable menstrual cup, and they can get cramps, crankiness, or chocolate cravings.

Other Trans men choose to have a hysterectomy, which removes their reproductive organs, or take hormones to deepen their voices and grow more body hair. Removing the uterus ceases all periods, and hormones can have an effect on the menstrual cycle, too.

For Trans women, they’ll never menstruate since one can only bleed if born with a uterus.

And guess what? All of these people are valid exactly as they gender they’ve chosen. Trans women are real women without every losing a drop of period blood, and Trans men are real men whether or not they choose to alter their monthly cycle with surgery or meds. And as they say on social media, that’s that on that!

Help the kids with homework, pick them up from school, and make sure they eat their veggies

We can’t even imagine a society in which women stopped all child-rearing practices for 5-7 days a month. Can you even imagine the insanity?

While moms and dads are a lot more equal these days (or moms and moms, or dads and dads) when it comes to handling the kids, you’ve got to hand it to the PMS-ing mother who’s got cramps from hell and bleeding through her 5th tampon. She knows her babies aren’t gonna drive themselves home from band practice or force down their broccoli without her.

Moms have been chasing toddlers and cooking dinners during menstruation since literally forever – no, seriously, we mean centuries – and there’s no reason to assume they’ll stop now. Things are just a bit easier now when you can pop a pain pill for the cramps.

Work in male-centered careers, like criminal justice, technology, and the medical field

Misogynistic men have been making bad jokes for decades. “It’s a man’s job,” or “This isn’t women’s work,” or “Women are too emotional to succeed in this field.” Oh, puh-lease!

Though it’s been undeniably harder to women to secure careers in longstanding male-dominated fields – mostly because of crap stereotypes like these – females have been holding down the fort as police officers, fire fighters, software engineers, doctors, machinists, and literally every possible gig that men have claimed women cannot handle.

Need some inspiration? Check Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – anywhere that powerful women can be found with a few good keyword searches. Babes are out there in droves doing the work every single day, and you can totally become one of them (if you aren’t already!).

Have intercourse, oral sex, and incredible orgasms

Who’s afraid of a little period blood getting in the way of pleasure? No one we know! The hormones released during your menstrual cycle can even make you extra horny and ultra sensitive, leading to even better climaxes than the rest of the month.

If you’re not feeling the free flow during partnered or solo sex, you can always pop in a period cup. The Intimina Lily Cup is is fabulous for wearing while receiving oral or using a clit vibe. This super soft, flexible cup keeps blood in check while your partner heads south or you’re teasing yourself with a vibrator.

If penetration is more your thing – and why not? You’re extra lubricated right now! – the Ziggy Cup has got all your sexual bases covered. Because Ziggy is a flat-fit cup without a stem, there’s nothing to get in the way of some dildo play or regular ol’ penis-in-vagina sex.

Now you can literally have it all – oral, anal, vaginal, whatever! – any time of the month without a mess (unless that’s what you’re into. Just toss down some towels to avoid stains.).

Literally whatever the actual f*ck you want

Do we need to shout it twice? You can do ANYTHING #whilebleeding, babes! Intimina’s got the tools of the trade – like our line of reusable Lily Cups – to keep you leak-free, and you’ve got the power to keep on keepin’ on through the nastiest cramps, angriest PMS symptoms, and ultra-inflated bloating. We dare you to see what amazingness you can create #whilebleeding!

Please note that advice offered by Intimina may not be relevant to your individual case. For specific concerns regarding your health, always consult your physician or other licensed medical practitioners.

About the author:
Colleen Godin is a seasoned pleasure product professional and avid outdoors-woman (though rarely both at the same time). She has worked in the business of pleasure products since college. From the adult boutique counter to traveling the country for major toy manufacturers, she’s seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of sex toy design. All those years of hawking cheap vibrators have turned her attention to the luxury toy market, where she specializes in trends, tech, and good ethics.

Talk to your doctor about problems with leaks

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