Get Down With Your Preggo Self – The Best Sex Positions for Pregnant Babes

You’re bloated, your back is killing you, and your uterus is growing to the size of an overinflated water balloon. Sounds like the perfect recipe for amazing sex, right?

Pregnancy isn’t exactly a walk in the park, and when you’re not feeling your best, it can feel impossible to get in the mood. But c’mon, are you really going to wait 9 whole months to get back into the swing of sex?

If you do, we totally respect that, mamma. For some ladies, preggo sex just isn’t their thing. But in case you haven’t heard, pregnancy can actually skyrocket your sex drive and create ripe conditions for amazing sex.

During your second trimester, all those raging hormones that help baby to grow and make mom feel like she’s losing her dang mind are creating an awesome side effect. Blood is rushing to your pelvis to accommodate your physical changes, which increases sensitivity and helps you naturally lubricate with ease. In short, your privates are primed for incredible orgasms!

You might have heard some rumors about steering away from penetration while pregnant, but rest assured, they’re all false.

However, things can get a bit awkward or uncomfortable considering your brand new belly. Suffice it to say, if your favorite position was lying face-down on the bed with your tummy laid flat, well – that’s not going to work out so easily for the next few months.

There are still tons of pleasurable pregnancy sex positions to try that feel great and keep you connected to your partner. Check out this list of some of our faves.

The Spoon Position

If you’re craving some sensual cuddle sessions, spoon sex covers all your bases. You’ve probably tried this one before you grew a baby bump, and now is the perfect time to put it into practice.

You know the drill. Have your partner lie down behind you on the bed, with both of you on your sides. Your partner can penetrate you from behind while you use your hips to control the depth and speed.

That big ol’ baby belly gets some much-needed rest, as spooning puts zero pressure on your tummy while its’ cradled on your cozy mattress.

We love spooning sex because your hands are free to touch yourself or grab a sex toy while your partner kisses your neck and ears. It’s a perfect pre-baby bonding moment!

Side By Side, Face to Face

We get it – you’re all about anything that involves laying down right about now (and probably for the next foreseeable months). Lie down side-by-side on your bed again, just like in spoon position, but this time, flip around to meet your partner’s gaze.
Bring your pelvis up to meet your partner’s, and intertwine your legs like a pretzel. It helps to bend your legs at the knee to make room for your sexy parts to meet in the middle. Thrust slowly towards each other until you find a good rhythm.

This position takes all the awesomeness of spooning and makes it even better because you can kiss, look into each other’s eyes, and play with each other’s pleasure parts with your free hands, like gently squeezing his testicles or bum while he rubs your breasts or clitoris.

On Your Back at the Edge of the Bed

The good ol’ missionary position is a lot sexier than it’s name sounds. It gives your partner the perfect angle to penetrate you while grazing your clit with their penis or pubic bone as you bring your hips up to meet their thrusting. It’s also extra intimate since your faces and bodies line up perfectly for sensual kissing and lots of skin-on-skin contact.

Missionary can be a bit of a challenge when you’ve got a round belly in the way, so here’s a good work-around.

Lay on your back as usual, but scoot down to the very edge of the bed, with your bum right at the edge. Have your partner stand on the floor facing you. You can kick your legs up over their shoulders, wrap them around your partner’s back, or hold them back with your arms. In this position, your partner handles all the work of thrusting while you lie back and relax.

Your hands are also free to get touchy-feely with yourself or your partner, and their hands can roam down to your clitoris or up to your breasts, face, neck, and hair. You’ve also got room left in-between the two of you to bring a vibrator into the mix.

Woman on Top – Forward-Facing or Reverse Cowgirl

Oh, did you think being the babe on top was out of the question during pregnancy? If you’re feeling like an ultra Goddess with all those new pregnancy curves, you can still climb on top and have your sexy way with your partner. (And with all those preggo hormones raging, it’s bound to be some seriously hot-fire sex!)

You can still rock the woman-on-top position with a little bit of adjusting. Because you control the angles, it’s easier to keep your belly out of the way. Have your partner lie down, face them in a straddling position, and take a few moments to find the best placement for your hands. It helps if you’ve got a head board to grab for extra leverage. Sit up a little bit straighter than usual if your belly makes it difficult to thrust and grind.

If your belly really needs the extra room, flip around and try reverse cowgirl. Ask your partner to spread their legs until your pregnant tummy has enough room in-between. Now it should be easier to angle your pelvis downward so their erect member is rubbing against your juicy-ripe G-spot. Support yourself with one hand on your partner’s leg or the bed while you use the other to rub yourself or reach for a sex toy.

Get These Pregnant Goodies While You Still Can

You’ve got to admit, pregnancy sex is unlike anything else you’ll ever experience in your life. There’s just no way you can replicate this incredible stage of your life (except, you know, by having another baby). Pregnancy is your ultimate ticket to Goddess-worthy sex. Some moms even say it’s the best they’ve ever had! So go for it, hot mamma! Before you know it, those easy intimate moments of privacy with your partner are about to change forever.

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