Catch Z’s with Ease: Wearing a Menstrual Cup While Sleeping

Women's Health | | Lane Baumeister
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While the excitement of starting your menstrual cup journey is enough to keep anyone awake, eventually you will need to sleep. And many people who are new to cups ask themselves, ‘Wait, is wearing a menstrual cup while sleeping okay?’

And the answer is: Yes! In fact, many people first try out their menstrual cup overnight, with a pad for backup. But even if you’re a confident daytime cup user, you might still have some questions about wearing a menstrual cup overnight. Here’s what you need to know to get your full 40 winks without worrying about your cup!

Can I Wear My Menstrual Cup All Night Without Changing It?

Absolutely! Your menstrual cup can protect you during a full 8-hour sleep. And if you’re sleeping in a bit? We asked Intimina Gynaecologist Expert, Dr. Shree Datta:

“Whilst we have not received reports of adverse health consequences from women who have used Intimina cups for longer than 8 hours, as a precaution, we would advise women to wear the cup for up to 8 hours, prior to emptying and reinserting it. Current research suggests menstrual cups should be emptied every 4-12 hours, depending on the type of cup used and the heaviness of menstrual flow. As such, there is no clear evidence that wearing a menstrual cup for longer than 8 hours is associated with harm, yet women may react to menstrual products in different ways, so this advice is purely to err on the side of caution for the benefit of all users.”

So essentially, while sticking to 8 hours at a time is ideal, you probably won’t be harmed as long as you change your menstrual cup every 12 hours. But it’s up to you and your own comfort level to make that decision!

Won’t My Cup Overflow During the Night?

One of the best things about menstrual cups is that they have a higher capacity than your average tampon. You can check out the different cups and the pros and cons they have for different bodies here, but rest assured you’ll probably be covered when wearing a menstrual cup while you sleep. If you’re a little period-stain paranoid (we get it!) then you can always double up with a pad or liner.

Help! My Cup Has Disappeared Inside Me Overnight!

Don’t panic! Your body relaxes completely as you sleep, which can cause your cup to shift around a bit. Take a deep breath, then follow our guide to getting your menstrual cup ‘un-stuck’ here!

My Cup Isn’t Full But I Still Leaked Overnight

Those same relaxing muscles that can cause your cup to shift may mean leaking if your menstrual cup isn’t 100% perfectly placed. But it’s okay! This is more likely to happen when you’re a bit new to positioning your cup. Check out our YouTube channel for tips on inserting your cup, or leave a comment below!

Ready to Catch Some Z’s While Wearing Your Menstrual Cup?

Wearing a menstrual cup while sleeping feels like the final frontier, period protection-wise. But that doesn’t mean you need to switch over all at once. You can use a back-up pad with your cup just until you’re sure you have the hang of it. Then you can say goodbye to discomfort and washing period stains from your sheets for good!

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