The Ultimate Menstrual Cup Size Guide

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Thinking about buying your first menstrual cup? How exciting! If you’ve read about how menstrual cups can save you money and help reduce waste, you probably can’t wait to order your cup and have your next period. 

But maybe you’re a bit stressed out too. Buying a menstrual cup isn’t like buying a shirt—you don’t really have a frame of reference to choose the right size. Until now!

We have written guides about choosing between Lily Cup Classic and Lily Cup Compact, or why Lily Cup One is perfect for people new to cups and menstruation. Or how Ziggy’s unique design opens up all sorts of new possibilities. But in terms of side by side size comparison, this is your ultimate guide to menstrual cups!

Menstrual cup size guide

Which is the Right Menstrual Cup Size for You?

Armed with the information above, you’re almost ready to make an important choice about your new menstrual cup. There are some other things you need to consider first. 

Your Intimate Health History

We make different kinds of cups for different kinds of bodies, which includes the Size A and Size B offered for Lily Cup Compact and Lily Cup Classic. The larger Size B is recommended for those who have been pregnant before. Even if you did not have a vaginal birth, carrying a child can cause weakness in your pelvic floor, which makes a slightly larger cup a more secure option. Of course, if a Size B is right for your post-birth recovery, you may end up going back to a Size A after strengthening your pelvic floor. 

If you’re new to menstruating, you may worry that cups might be too big. That’s part of the reason why we created Lily Cup One. Its smaller size and other design features make it perfect for menstruation newbies!

Measuring Your Cervix Height

Cervix height might not be a measurement you’ve ever thought about before, but it’s pretty important for comfort. Your cervix height translates to the length of your vagina. Cervix height is different for everyone, and changes throughout your cycle (seriously!), so we recommend checking during and even throughout menstruation to make sure you know the lowest point it reaches. 

All you need are your own (clean) fingers and this detailed explanation of measuring cervix height here.

The stem of your menstrual cup can be trimmed if you’ve misjudged a bit, but roughly we recommend Lily Cup Compact or Lily Cup One for people with shorter cervixes. 

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Which menstrual cup feature sounds the best to you?

Still Curious About Cups?

Here are some additional articles comparing menstrual cups so you can feel confident that you’ve made the right choice!

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