Powerful At-Home Isolation Ideas To Ease Your Body and Mind

Anxious about staying inside? It’s normal. We’re biologically designed to explore, but that’s not an excuse to ignore self-isolation. By now, we’ve learned that isolation is the most effective approach to limiting the damage a virus can do. But have no fear, there are so many ways we can make this period positive, and it’s all about attitude (the good kind).

We at INTIMINA understand that going to the store is probably not a fun option, and that period products are definitely selling out because they’re essential (is this what it takes to finally combat the period tax?!). 

Check out our wide range of reusable products and follow the tips below for maintaining your sanity. 

Stick to a schedule and get out of bed.

Remember, this crazy journey has just begun and the key to staying sane is by actually being productive, as much of a challenge as it is within our four walls. A study conducted in 2017 about remote workers found that the flexibility of working from home actually made people more productive by 1.4 days per month, or almost 3 weeks per year. Additionally, an estimated 30% of Americans admitted to struggling between work-life balance when working in an office environment. It’s time to take advantage of this opportunity.

Even if you aren’t working from home, your days (let alone weeks) will run more smoothly by sticking to a schedule. Set your morning alarm and physically get out of bed. Research links oversleeping to things like depression, increased pain, cognitive impairment, and higher risks of obesity and diabetes, among other things.

NASA even goes as far as conducting a 70-day bedrest study every year to analyze the effects on astronauts, since, you know, space is weightless and all.

For us earthlings, however, the bottom line is to keep a daily schedule that gets your on your feet. You can do so by using a planner, printed sheet posted on your bedroom door, or electronically through Google Calendar or the many available reminder apps. Don’t forget to include some of the following activities.  

Learn new skills.

There are so, so many free resources available online. From new recipes to intros on computer coding to online Ivy League courses and learning new languages. You may even have an instrument in your closet that needs some TLC and dusting. If there’s anything we know about life, it’s that the learning never really ends, and even the Journal of Gerontology states that adaptation for growth is the core of intelligence and resilience in aging. 

Ever heard the quote: “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”? This isn’t the first time we’ve done it and it certainly won’t be the last, so let’s make the best of it.

Practice self-care, just for you.

Use this time of isolation to do some upkeep on yourself. Start a 30-day yoga challenge, learn to cut your own hair, start a reflection journal, give yourself a wine and spa night—the possibilities are endless! 

Being nice to your body is one of the best investments during this alone time. Just because we can’t head to the gym doesn’t mean we can’t get creative with the abundance of at-home workouts available online. Why not also add kegel exercises to your schedule? All it takes is 5 minutes a day. Don’t exclude the most famous workouts, sex and masturbation! We all know they release endorphins and endorphins make us happy. 

Since we have all this time on our hands we can also start to cook more and put nicer ingredients into our body. A home-cooked meal tastes that much better and comes with a lot less guilt. Speaking of putting good things into your body, INTIMINA menstrual cups are made with 100% body-safe silicone.

Not only are they the healthiest type of period product, they last up to 10 years, which means you don’t have to be fighting over them like toilet paper rolls.

Get some fresh air. 

Just because we’re in some form of quarantine doesn’t mean that we should dig a hole and bury ourselves in it. You’ve probably heard of seasonal affective disorder, where people who live in places with short amounts of daytime, or none at all for that matter, develop a certain set of symptoms that can lead to depression.

Vitamin D plays an important role in calcium and regulating metabolic functions, along with avoiding issues such as renal and intestinal diseases. It’s okay to take a walk with your roommate as long as you’re maintaining the social distancing requirements (6 ft, ~2m) from other people. You can also do some work in your garden, plant new seeds and watch how they flourish within the next month, or even simply take a sunbath for yourself. 

Reconnect with friends and family.

Remember all those times you’ve run into an old friend and you both agreed you should catch up sometime, but never did? No more excuses. Remember, there are a lot of people self isolating completely alone and will be for the next month or so. 

We are so lucky to be living in an age of virtual availability, so make sure to reach out to them. You can reminisce on old stories, talk about life changes and ambitions, and even get creative with FaceTime wine night or questions games.

Heck, start a book or Netflix club and discuss important issues. Better yet, focus on feel-good activities to keep your mind off the uneasy situation in the world. Develop your vision boards or record an interview with your grandparents to capture amazing family memories.

Share your resources.

In times of fear, the one thing that prevails and keeps us going as a human race is practicing kindness. If someone around you is in need, especially the most vulnerable populations like the elderly or money-sensitive, check in on them and share what you can. 

Don’t forget to take advantage of our free shipping and get your girlfriends a gift that will actually help them this quarantine season. Remember, kindness is contagious, and so are good deals!

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