The 10 Step Guide to Removing Your Pubes (Properly!)

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Every woman has her own pubic philosophy. Whether you are an advocate of the less-is-more school of thought or the increasingly retro long-hair-don’t-care look, there is no right or wrong when it comes to removing pubic hair, however it should always be your own personal choice.

With no discernible health benefits, the choice to remove pubic hair is a mainly aesthetic one with around 84% of women reported as grooming regularly or semi-regularly. With many options out there such as waxing, laser-treatment, electrolysis and depilatories, shaving still remains the most common choice as it can be done easily and cheaply at home.

However with ease comes recklessness! Many women do not shave their nethers properly, going at their pubes with minutes to spare in their morning shower and putting themselves at risk of bumps, burns, ingrown hairs and even folliculitis (inflammation of the hair follicle, duh!)

So to help you get the smoothest and safest shave possible, here are the bare necessities:

1. Do Not Go Blindly Into Shaving One’s Pubes

We’ve all done it; the pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey version of shaving our lady bits and yeah, not a great idea! For everyone’s sake, use a hand mirror! Being able to actually see what you’re doing lessens the risk of a) nicking something (ouch!) and b) missing a spot and making your vulva look as patchy as an adolescent boy’s beard. No one wants that!

2. Snip Snip!

Depending on how much pubic hair you’re rocking, take some scissors to them first, trimming as much as possible. If you have a lot of pubic hair, going straight at them with a razor is going to clog and dull your vital tools very quickly. Pull the hair outwards and carefully snip as close to the skin as you can – but not too close! Pop this excess in your bin and voila, you’ve saved your razor, your time and your drains!

3. Soak it Up

When shaving any part of the body it’s important to soak the hairs in warm water first in order to soften them up. This is even more true with your pubes as the hair is much thicker and more coarse and will take its toll on your razor if party to a dry shave. Soak in the tub or take your time in the shower before getting down to business.

4. Exfoliate – That’s Right, Exfoliate!

Didn’t know you could exfoliate your pubic area huh did ya? Well you can. But it’s super important to be gentle and only exfoliate the outer areas – NOT you inner labia. Using an exfoliating cleanser or body scrub and an exfoliating mitt, loofah or body brush, ever so gently buff your pubic area with small circular motions. This will remove dead skin cells, prevent ingrown hairs and even help you get a closer shave!

5. Use a GOOD Shaving Cream or Gel

Ideally, choose a shaving cream or gel with a soothing agent such as aloe vera or one that moisturizes with vitamins while on the skin. As mentioned, the pubic area is much more delicate and with coarser hairs than the rest of the body so a specially formulated cream for that area is the best option. Shaving creams provide a barrier between your razor and your skin, preventing irritation. No matter which cream you’ve opted for, test it on the back of your leg first to make sure you’re not allergic.

6. No Dull or Old Razors Allowed

Using a dull or old razor on your pubic area is perhaps the biggest no-no of the lot. If your razor isn’t sharp, you’re going to have to run over the area you want to shave several times to remove the hair, which will not only cause irritation but because older blades are more likely to harbor bacteria, you’re doing to be exposing your delicate pubic area to THAT too. Use a sharp razor, preferably with more than one blade and a moisturizing strip or gel bar for extra points. Even better, get a bikini razor especially designed for getting to those hard-to-reach areas!

7. Hold Tight!

Razors work best on flat surfaces, and your lady bits are not exactly a sheet of alabaster. Use your free hand to pull the skin tight and to give your razor the flattest surface possible. Glide your razor over your skin, without pressure; pressing on your skin does not give you a closer shave, it just collects more dead skin in those blades which, um, no.

8. What Direction?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that shaving against the grain will give you a much closer shave and shaving with the grain will prevent irritation and ingrown hairs. The choice, my friend, is yours. However, we’d resoundingly recommend the latter. Shaving against the grain is perfectly fine for your legs and other less sensitive areas, but your pubic zone needs a little more TLC.

9. Rinse & Dry

You’re almost done! Once you’ve finished shaving, simply rinse the area with warm water and lightly pat dry with a towel. Be sure not to rub your towel around the area as it may cause irritation.

10. Post-Shave Care

Now that your lady garden is pruned and sheared, it’s time for the final flourish! Applying a moisturizer to just-shaved skin provides the area with some much-needed hydration as well as helping to close the pores and prevent bacteria from entering.

Although it may be tempting to use any old body lotion, for the pubic area it’s best to go au naturale. Natural oils such as coconut, jojoba or lavender are excellent at softening the skin and preventing post-shave dryness while aloe vera is your absolute go-to for soothing your most intimate of areas.

When it comes to shaving below the belt, the key give the your pubes about 10x more attention as you would afford your legs and most importantly, not to do it too often! Give your pubic hair time to grow out before going at it again, follow these easy steps and you’ll be smooth and itch free every time!

Oh, and if you have roommates, don’t forget to unclog that sinkhole. Seriously.

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Please note that advice offered by Intimina may not be relevant to your individual case. For specific concerns regarding your health, always consult your physician or other licensed medical practitioners

10 thoughts on “The 10 Step Guide to Removing Your Pubes (Properly!)

  • Lexi Blickfeldt says:

    I was never really told on how to shave my v area but I asked a friend of mine that did and she said that I could shave it however I want so the way I shave is upwards but of course I try not to put pressure while shaving but when I shave that area I shave the whole thing on the outside and inside cause I can’t stand having hair down there. But will it always grow back? Cause every time I see it growing back it makes me feel kinda weird about it. Should I shave the inside area though too?

    • INTIMINA says:

      Hi Lexi! Thank you for your questions – it’s good that you’re asking them. Firstly, I would very much warn against trying to use your razor on any ‘inner’ parts of your body. It’s not a nice place to get a nick, and you could hurt youself! Secondly, uncomfortable stubble is unfortunately part of the shaving experience. But! You do have options. If you opt for a bikini wax, the top of the hair that grows back is thin and tapered (because it’s a brand new hair, not just the cut off top of a hair that has been shaved). That means that the hair that grows back will seem less coarse. Everyone’s body and hair texture is different, but you should be less prone to uncomfortable ingrown hairs if you wax instead of shave, especially if you make sure to still follow the above advice about exfoliating and moisturizing. As well, you might want to experiment with different styles. It can seem a bit stark when you go from ‘nothing there’ on shave/wax day 1 to the hair that starts to grow in. But if you keep some hair, such as a strip, it can be less jarring to see some growth between hair removal days. I hope that helps!

  • Wendy James says:

    Excellent advice for my fourteen year old God daughter, clear, concise and amusing, many thanks

  • ㅜㅜㅜ says:

    So I was told you are supposed to shave from down to up then last the one below your stomach honestly is there a specific area you need to shave first ?

  • Aida Blair says:

    I trimmed my pub hair then it just started growing out staight it would only cul if I kept really short thin most of the time still lay down straight I thought I shaved the wrong direction. I guess it’s in my family genes or something but my hair on my head is curly to wavy usually lotsa body

  • Alice says:

    I hate having hair down there but sometimes I can’t get in enough and I’m too scared I’m going to cut myself so I don’t and I’m soo embarrassed!!

    • Intimina says:

      Hi Alice,

      please, first, do not feel embarrassed. Be gentle with your body and love your body. Take care of yourself.

      We send you a lot of love.

      Have a great day

  • Sophie says:

    This comment may be 3 years ago… However, I’ll still ask and see if any answers pop up. I was wondering does anyone here happen to have any naturally, curly hair and sadly, especially down there is very coarse???? I swear, I’ve tried the whole shaving method before, and this didn’t work well at all. Got a really bad infection from shaving all the way, which it was the first time, and THE LAST! not to mention, thinking back, pretty sure I did it the wrong way to begin with, I only knew so much, and didn’t think to research, thinking it would be the same as shaving pit hair, just much slower and less pressure.Later into that evening, and all the next day or so, not only did I have to deal with it hurting and burning,and the red bumps, as I have very sensitive skin, it turns out I saw one bump was bigger than the rest in particular…

    Let’s just say, if I hadn’t gone to the ER in time, they said if we had waited any longer, it would’ve taken it’s turn for the worst. I’ve tried trimming, w/ scissors, but the trimming seems to only stay for a week or so, up ti 3 weeks at times. Then it continues to grow back, and FAST!! The trimming doesn’t hurt at all though. For the factor of my skin being so sensitive, and given what happened last time, this a major reason why I’ve considered, decided it’s time to start trimming down there instead of just letting it go. I notice when I do trim it helps. Though, like I said, it grows back so quick I have to do it again within a short amount of time. I’m sure you all can imagine how frustrating this may be, especially with the type of hair I have and the sensitive skin. If anyone has any thoughts or solutions, please feel free to comment, especially those with my type of hair would REALLY help hearing from you guys. Thanks guys!!

  • skyler penny says:

    I’m a crossdresser and from a different point of view it’s critical that you keep the pubic area clean and moisturized. Using a shaving cream or lotion is far better when shaving your pubes than using soap.
    And definitely take your time.

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