Lily Cup Lily Cup Lily Cup Lily Cup A
Lily Cup Lily Cup Lily Cup Lily Cup A

Lily Cup™

The cup that rolls as thin as a tampon.

Featuring an angled form that complements your anatomy, the Lily Cup is the only cup that can be rolled as thin as a tampon. Lily Cup is ideal for those with high cervixes, and its spill-proof rim and high capacity promise 12-hours of confidence during even the heaviest of flows.

$ 29.95

Reasons to love your period

Ultra-soft, medical grade silicone

Respects intimate balance

No odors, irritation and dryness

Up to 12 hours of period protection

Cover light to heavy flows

Two sizes

The only cup that can be folded as thin as a tampon

Reusable and eco-friendly


Like it or not, your cup puts you in situation where you need to get up close and personal with your body. So thank Mother Nature for giving you an excuse to explore mysterious folds and hidden cervix of your most intimate parts.

A menstrual cup to reduce both your period's overall carbon footprint and your contribution to the 20 billion pads, tampons, and applicators that will likely be dumped in North American landfills in 2019.

Intimina Cup One is designed to be one of the most petite options on the market. It's also one of the best options for teenagers or those who have never used a menstrual cup before.

A cup can get you through the day without you needing to count on your fingers how many tampons to bring with you. Plus, Lily Cup helps cut down on environmental waste and your tampon/pad expenses.

TO TRIM, or not to trim

Is your menstrual cup rubbing you the wrong way? You might be able to solve your problem with a simple snip of the stem. The most important factor to consider before you cut your stem is cervix height, because this determines the length of your vagina and whether your cup will fit. Once you’ve figured it out your cervix height, there are two options…

HOW to use

Push the lower rim down and firmly hold the body of your cup

Gently squeeze the base of the cup then rotate slightly.

Wear it up to 12 hours

Size guide

Size A is recommended for women who have not given birth or for those who have given birth by caesarean.

Size B is recommended for women who have given birth or for those who have been diagnosed with a weaker pelvic floor.