Ignite Your Senses with Food Fantasies

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Sensuality is all about igniting your senses. It’s the feeling of interacting with the world in a way that touches every part of you so that you can tap into what makes you feel most alive. 

Sex is what usually comes to mind when we think of sensuality, but there are many other ways we can explore intimacy and get sensual with our partners.

This type of exploration gives us space to be playful, learn new things about ourselves and our partners, and feel things in a new way. 

One incredible way to do this is through food play. 

What is Food Play?

Food play, otherwise known as sitophilia, is the use of food during erotic or sexual activities. Yum!

Food fantasies are nothing new. We see them on T.V., read about them in hot sex scenes, talk about them, but have you ever tried it? There’s more to food play than meets the eye – or mouth.

Food is something we all have a relationship with. We need it to survive. It connects us to the Earth, to our families, and cultures. Food has this incredible way of bringing people together in a state of enjoyment and excitement. 

Whether or not it has a sexual tone, eating is sensual by nature. There aren’t too many times outside of eating and sex that we give ourselves the freedom to explore the world through our mouths. So why not bring them together?

Food play seems like one of the most natural ways to get adventurous in your sex life. It can be used as a sort of foreplay or can be the main event. 

There’s no one right way to practice food play, but here are a few tips to get you started:

Sexy Sitophilia

Before you get started, you’ll need to equip yourself with some supplies. 

Some of the best foods for food play are fruit and other sorts of sweets and desserts – no surprise there. 

Fruit Fantasy

Berries are great because they squish in a very satisfying way, and can be neatly placed on nipples, fingers, toes, tongues, and more!

Citrus like oranges can be hot but beware of small cuts because you could end up with an ouchie. You also want to avoid using them near your genitals.

Whip it Real Good

Whipped cream is another classic. The way it can satisfyingly be squirted into your lover’s mouth, or topped high on their erogenous zones, waiting to be licked up. 

Some people can be turned off by the smell of whipped cream. We prefer coconut whipped cream so you smell more like a tropical paradise than a dairy.

Va-Va Vegetables

Even things like lettuce, cucumbers, and squash can be sexy when you entice your lover into nibbling a leaf that was carelessly covering your nipples or pelvic area.

Chocolate Sauce

Chocolate sauce is another classic. If you don’t want sticky store-bought stuff on your body, you can make your own more body-friendly version by melting some coconut oil, putting a couple of tablespoons of cocoa powder in it, and sweetening it with honey or maple syrup. Make sure it isn’t too hot before you get to drizzling and licking. 

Ice, Ice Baby

Sometimes it’s too hot out to have an appetite, even if it is devouring goodies from your lover’s sweaty body. Ever incorporated ice into your sex life? Now’s your chance. 

Get hot while cooling down by running ice cubes along with each other’s bodies. You can even try putting an ice cube in your mouth before giving oral sex. Hello!

Ice Cream

In the same vein, ice cream can keep you cool while you explore with your sweetie. Again you may want to opt for a dairy-free version if the smell gets to you!

Make an Adventure

Want to make an adventure of it?

If you have a local farmers market, try having a date day and walking around with your lover, looking for food play goodies. 

Give each other sly smirks here and there looking at your options. The build-up of having this little secret between you two is hot foreplay. You won’t be able to wait to reach into your bounty and fool around.

Secret Garden

Maybe you have a garden or a place where you can pick fresh berries and goodies. 

This is another awesome way to make a little adventure out of your food play. Fresh juicy blackberries? Wild blueberries? Seductive strawberries? See what you can find and get creative. 

Other Helpful Tips

For clean-up, it’s easiest if you have a hose or way to spray yourself down outside. If not, you’ll figure it out, just be careful not to mess up your plumbing system.

You can save yourself from too much clean-up by putting down a tarp or old mattress protector or sheets depending on your food of choice. 

A word of caution; always be conscientious of any potential food allergies as well when putting food near the genitals. This can potentially lead to infection or throw of someone’s delicate vaginal flora or pH balance.

Get creative, don’t be afraid to get messy, and have fun!

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