Menstrual Cups Can Make You Stop Hating Your Period

Feb 152019

According to Intimina Global Survey, women generally don’t like their period. Cramps, food cravings, bad mood, bursts of anger, bloating and decreased sex drive are just some of the side effects women experience during those days of the month.

But not everything is so bad. The survey, in which more than a 1,000 women participated, revealed a menstrual cup can make period easier to handle – it improves your period and your life in general. You wonder how? Cup users reported experiencing fewer, less severe cramps since switching to a cup, odor down and dryness down. Besides that, their confidence has increased and it is noted that they feel more comfortable with their body since switching to a cup.

And there is more to come…read on!

What about period sex?

Intimina survey revealed that almost half of the participants never have period sex, 47% to be more precise. And that is such a shame. It’s understandable that probably the last thing that comes up to your mind on those days is putting on sexy lingerie, turning on the flirty mode and getting some sexy time under the sheets. But period sex can now be better, cleaner and more comfortable ever, thanks to the first reusable menstrual cup designed for sex – Ziggy Cup. Its shape is similar to diaphragm, sits higher than a regular cup, up below the cervix, allowing the standard penetration without any interruptions. So you can just enjoy your sexy time and after that just fall asleep cuddled, forgetting any menstruation is going on at all.

Period and exercise

We are very pleased to hear that a lot of women, a 46%, sometimes exercise during their period and a big bravo to 21% of those who do it regularly. And we have a piece of advice for the 20% of women who never get sweaty during their period – get to it. It is proven that exercise reduces pain and cramps. There is no need to worry about the bleeding or leaking and ruining your favourite tights. It’s time to embrace your period and keep doing the everyday things you do regardless the period.

How do you feel about Kegel exercises?

In Intimina global survey, a surprising disparity was discovered with more than a half of women admitting to “sometimes or never” – 37% and 51%, doing Kegel exercises. Almost every third woman will suffer from incontinence, low vaginal tightness or postpartum vaginal weakness at some stage of her life – all of which are caused by a weakened pelvic floor. The medical community’s claim that Kegel exercises are the best solution for these issues has also become common knowledge. KegelSmart, an intelligently-designed device that helps you learn exactly how to do Kegel exercisers and tracks your progress is the answer for yours never and sometimes to become regular.

Period protection

Menstrual cups really are proving themselves to be the superior alternative to pads and tampons as we can see the significant increase of menstrual cup users. So, we are allowed to say that “cup revolution” has started. And this doesn’t come as a surprise. There are numerous reasons women switch to cups: health benefits, longer wear time, money saving, protecting the environment, comfort…

The general attitude towards period is bad, but we must say we are glad to see menstrual cups are having an impact on women all around the world. And by impact, we mean helping them embrace the period, experiencing less side effects and letting them do everyday things regardless the period. Of course, it’s not possible to forget period even exists, but if there are ways which can make things easier for you – go with it!

Please note that advice offered by Intimina may not be relevant to your individual case. For specific concerns regarding your health, always consult your physician or other licensed medical practitioners.

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