Kegel Kegel Kegel Kegel
Kegel Kegel Kegel Kegel


KegelSmart™, not hard!

KegelSmart™ is a revolutionary new way to do your Kegels. Just like a personal trainer, it sets a routine that is simple to follow, safe to use, and completely tailored to your individual needs. KegelSmart™ is the easiest and smartest way to incorporate a regular Kegel exercise routine into your schedule that will rapidly build strength and radically change your life.

$ 99.95

What makes it so smart?

Registers pelvic strength

Automatically sets the exercise level to fit your needs

Vibration guided program

Made with medical-grade silicone and 100% waterproof

WHY Kegels?

Pelvic Floor Muscles Exercises, also known as Kegels or Kegel exercises, are one of the best way to train the pelvic floor muscles that support internal organs; control bladder and bowel function and directly affect the pleasure and comfort experienced during intimacy.

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YOU ONLY NEED 5 minutes

For just 5 minutes a day, KegelSmart can deliver measurable results in just 12 weeks. Strengthen your pelvic floor, prepare for a healthy pregnancy, recover vaginal tightness after childbirth, improve bladder control and enhance sensations during intimacy.

HOW to use

Wash KegelSmart with soap and water

Turn on and insert (use a water-based lubricant for added comfort)

Wait for 3 vibrations to signal the start fo exercise routine.