Menstrual Cups: The Perfect Gift For Friends

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Menstrual cups are so life-changing that 9 out of 10 women who try them, recommend them to others. We expound on the virtues of cups to friends, family, strangers (just us?) – but they’re still not on many people’s gift-giving radar. Whether it’s because women are weirded out by vagina-related gifts or it just hasn’t crossed many people’s minds, a menstrual cup is something we should feel comfortable giving. Not only are they incredibly empowering, but they are also a gift that unquestionably changes someone’s life for the better.

So skip the gift card and cosmetics sets, here are the top 6 reasons menstrual cups make the most amazing gift for friends:  

You’ll save her serious cash

Periods are annoying enough without the added strain on our pockets every month. Because menstrual cups can last for years, it means your friends will have huge savings from taking those pads and tampons off the shopping list. Do the math ladies, this means more dough to spend treating yourselves together. Brunch, anyone?

You’ll free up her day

Switching out your tampon 4-5 times a day is a time waster and life-interrupter – it’s time to liberate your lady-friends! Depending on their flow, menstrual cups give up to 8 hours of protection, which means no need for sleight of hand – the old tampon up-the-sleeve trick never fooled anybody.

You’ll reduce her period-anxiety

Leaking tampons, unstuck pads and curious aromas – periods can be worrisome and put a dampener on your day when your sanitary wear just isn’t cutting it. Menstrual cups on the other hand are super comfortable and make for a leak and odor-free period because of their nifty seal with the vaginal walls. No more panicked dashes to the bathroom yay!

You’ll keep her healthy

Disposables like tampons and pads contain loads of nasty chemicals which can be super harmful to the body. Lily Cups, however, are made of 100% medical grade silicone which is hypoallergenic and completely body-safe. They collect blood as opposed to absorbing it like tampons – so no more dry vagina feel! Spreading the menstrual cup love to your gal pals means more happy, healthy vaginas. So raise your cups to a chem-free period!

You’ll improve her environmental footprint… Heels, sneaks or otherwise!

Few gifts allow you to extend eco-friendliness to your friends and protect the environment in such a big way. One Lily Cup will keep approximately 1625 tampons out of landfills which for any of your environment-conscious pals will be a huge thumbs up. For more info, check out our handy infographic.

You’ll welcome her into the cup-convert community

You’ve probably experienced this for yourself: that moment you realize a new acquaintance is a cup user and you immediately bond over your little life-changing pieces of silicone. Well your friends can be in on it too! You can offer encouragement and share in the experience of getting started, and once the girls are fully fledged cup converts, you can wax lyrical about how amazing your cups are and all the ways they have changed your lives.

Bonus Alert!

Menstrual cups have come a long way since their first chunky, rubbery incarnation. With the Lily Cup and Lily Cup Compact, they’re finally attractive and compact so you don’t have to sacrifice style over function anymore. While you’re at it, why not put together a cute Period Survival Kit for your friend – include some chocolate, a microwaveable bean bag, raspberry leaf tea and of course, their awesome new cup – menstrual misery is sure to be a thing of the past.

Bottom line? Friends don’t let friends use pads and tampons. So roll out the wrapping paper and tie that ribbon around the most unique and life-changing gift out there. You’ll be revered for years to come as a five-star gift-giver and all round stellar friend.


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