Orgasms are good for you. Period! So Celebrate this Year’s Orgasm Day with one, two, three of them!

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Orgasms are amazing. We love them. Actually, we worship them. Clitoral, G-spot, nipple orgasm, full-body orgasms, you name it, the list goes on. Each one can be felt differently through various intensities and duration, depending on which part of your body is in “focus.”

It’s not just about feeling physical satisfaction; orgasm has the same effect on you emotionally. Especially while bleeding. This is something you owe to yourself and your body – to relax, calm down, discover pleasure you have not yet experienced. Why?

Period sex – try and decide

Statistics say a woman spends an average of about 3000 days (a little less than ten years) of her life having periods. These days are often spent in general discomfort, cramps, chocolate haze, and very little in orgasm enjoyment. Some women are in extreme pain during menstruation or feel physical discomfort, making masturbation and orgasms the last things on their minds. Some might feel uninterested, unattractive, and maybe even dirty during menstruation.

The first two are primarily the result of hormones, but the third one – to avoid having pleasurable moments just because “the menstruation is “dirty” should not be an excuse anymore.

Of course, period sex might not be for everyone. Still, we say don’t diss it `till you try it with Intimina Ziggy Cup 2 – designed especially for a better, cleaner, and more comfortable experience.

And if you add that period comes as sexual arousal, thanks to the hormones that result in increased sexual desire and often increased sensitivity due to the better blood flow in the pelvis, it means – a better and stronger orgasm.

Be gentle, Love yourself

Also, period makes a natural moisturizer making an orgasm wet as it should be, especially for those who have difficulties with the lack of moisture. This combination sounds like a juicy one – but do not forget to add Ziggy’s best friend SILA Cruise. Because your vulva will likely be more sensitive than usual, a softer, more gentle toy just like LELO SILA Cruise is the key to building your orgasm slowly.

Discovering this kind of pleasure during the menstruation of a healthy woman is allowed and is considered regular sexual activity, not perversion. It’s an entirely natural and healthy habit, and there are no obstacles to denying yourself this pleasure.

Therefore, we decided to encourage you to enjoy period orgasming with something special; visit, buy your Queendom Come bundle with LELO SILA Cruise and Intimina Ziggy cup 2 for the unforgettable, mess-free pleasure.

1 thought on “Orgasms are good for you. Period! So Celebrate this Year’s Orgasm Day with one, two, three of them!

  • Tamara says:

    I used the original ziggy, but it was too big, so it often slipped and I wasn’t brave enough to use it for sex. I bought the smaller ziggy 2 a couple of months ago and it’s so much better. I tried it with my partner and it definitely delivers its promises. I’m glad you listened to your customers and made a smaller disc.

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