20% of College Students Forced to Choose Between Period Products and Other Critical Expenses

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INTIMINA, a leading intimate health brand, released new data about the prevalence of period poverty across college campuses. A nationwide survey of college students shows that nearly one in five of those surveyed said they felt forced to choose between purchasing menstrual products and meeting other personal costs, especially as the inflation and the cost of living rises within the U.S. 

Period poverty is defined as a lack of access to menstrual products, hygiene facilities, education, and waste management resources. This crisis affects menstruators physically and emotionally, for there is a significant stigma around the topic that further prevents individuals from talking about it, seeking help, or seeking resources. Although this crisis is especially prevalent across college campuses, 20% of students surveyed are still unfamiliar with the concept of period poverty. 

“INTIMINA’s new findings show that the key to alleviating the societal barriers causing period poverty lies within the importance of menstrual equity and access in educational institutions,” said Dr. Alyssa Dweck, MS, MD, FACOG and Medical Advisory Board Member for INTIMINA. “It’s unfortunate that so many menstruators don’t have access to the proper care and supplies they need, are forced to suffer in silence. Access to affordable and sanitary menstrual products is a human right.”

Since 2021, inflation has pushed tampon prices up over 10%, with other disposable menstrual products not far behind. Notably, 47% of students surveyed said they themselves have struggled with access to period products, or have known others that have struggled with access to period products. 

INTIMINA surveyed over 1,000 college and university students across the US to spotlight the experiences of menstruating college students. The colleges varied in size, socioeconomic status, and location to capture the pervasiveness of period poverty across college campuses and the impact of the rising costs of living. 

Through this survey, INTIMINA has created a comprehensive and accurate portrayal of the challenges menstruators face in educational settings, taking a step forward in creating menstrual equity for all. To do their part, INTIMINA will be donating its reusable menstrual products to the participating student organizations. 

Click here to view the full results of the nationwide survey.

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