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Hey there Ziggy fans! Or, should we say, soon-to-be Ziggy fans?

Look, we get it – even old pros who have been using menstrual cups since the 80s might be confused by Ziggy’s unusual shape, but Ziggy is a funky flat cup that could very well revolutionize your periods, collecting far more than your average bell-shaped cup, and able to protect you from leaks during partnered sex, which means your sheets get saved from spots and stains!

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I Tried the World’s First Sex-Proof Menstrual Cup. Here’s What Happened

“If nothing else, these guys know how to make menstrual cups look stylish. The box that Ziggy came in was beautifully designed and almost made it appear like a piece of high tech equipment.”

“With doggy style and missionary, I was expecting a little mess. When I decided to get on top, I was definitely expecting a lot of mess. Surprisingly, we didn’t have to whip out the detergent. Not a single drop of blood was found. The Ziggy cup was a success.”

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Ziggy Cup Review | Intimina Menstrual Cups

“If you’re looking for a menstrual cup that can be worn during sex, you’ve come to the right place! The Ziggy Menstrual Cup is a flat, flexible disc that fits right up under your cervix. It’s more of a pouch than a funnel like with normal menstrual cups.”

“What makes the Ziggy Disc so awesome is that it’s very similar in design to the Soft Cup, serves the same purpose, but it’s reusable for a few years. Amazing!”

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Behold! A Comfy Menstrual Cup You Can Wear During Intercourse

“As much as I love menstrual cups (and if you’ve never tried one, you definitely should!), the Ziggy’s stem-free, flat-fit design is basically the answer to my penetrative period sex prayers. It’s clean, it’s comfortable and it’s reusable, so you’ll never have to run to the store at the last minute.”

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Ziggy Cup Review | Mess Free Period Sex

“We know you’ve been anxious to hear more about the new Ziggy Cup from Intimina. Kim has reviewed it (camping, at home, and traveling to NYC!) and has many good experiences but a few not so good (blood drawer). Plus- did it work for “mess-free period sex” and stay in place? Totally!”


The Ziggy Cup Promises Mess-Free Period Sex – We Got Someone To Test It Out

“That night I wear my Ziggy when I sleep, and it makes a delightful alternative to bulky sanitary pads. I am pleased to report I wake up with no leaks thanks to its 12-hour guarantee. Now I’ve got 28 days to prepare for Ziggy round two – and this time I’m going to nail it.”

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There’s a New Kind of Menstrual Cup in Town

“Take it from a veteran: this is as convenient, cheap and easy as a period gets. No last-minute run to the corner store, no tortuous bathroom wrestling match with you versus your cervix. And most importantly, in this cheap gal’s opinion, you’re saving money.”

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Intimina Ziggy Review – The Best Menstrual Cup for a Low Cervix?

“The Intimina Ziggy is unlike any other menstrual cup; in fact, it’s technically not a cup at all. The very great difference between this and other cups on the market is that this device has no stem… I’ve now used the cup across three periods. It’s not been perfect every time, but I’ve certainly become more adept and had more success with it more recently.

…The short answer is yes, I’m a fan. I think if you understand how it works and you plan for its limitations – which are not many – then it’s a fantastic product.”

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  • Shei says:

    I had a birthday party back in July that required swim wear. I hate tampons but had been reading up on menstrual cups and discs. I was at a CVS and decided to hell with it. I had a few errors trying to get it right but once I figured it out I’m a big fan! It definitely works and works well! I only ever take it out at night and to clean.

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