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As Florida students and parents head back to school for a new year, they’re faced with the most restrictive law against basic sex education in decades.

Periods are not political. 

INTIMINA, a leading intimate health brand, launched a free resource called “Say Period” for parents to initiate conversations about menstruation and women’s health. The how-to guide is geared especially towards parents whose children will be kicking off a new school year and facing critical changes to the state-wide sexual health curriculum. 

By empowering and initiating informed discussions about menstruation, the “Say Period” guide will help parents have meaningful and educational conversations with their children about their bodies. 

“Conversations and education about menstruation are fundamental to a child’s understanding of their bodies and human development,” said Dr. Alyssa Dweck, OBGYN and INTIMINA Medical Advisory Board Member. “There is nothing political about getting your period. By offering a resource that supports parents in addressing this natural part of life, we can ensure young individuals are equipped with the knowledge and information they need to navigate puberty and their reproductive health with confidence. Menstruation isn’t something to be ashamed of or silenced.”

This initiative comes in response to the recent enactment of Florida House Bill 1069, or as it’s become known, the “Don’t Say Period” law. Effective as of July 1, the new legislation restricts sexual health education for children across the state, as well as discussions around certain basic health topics, such as menstrual cycles. The law prohibits sex education and discussion to grades six through 12. Notably, the US Department of Health and Human Services says girls can start their period as young as eight years old. 

The “Say Period” guide includes several prompts for parents to follow and initiate conversations about menstruation with their child. The resource also includes key information related to menstrual cycles, such as common symptoms, misconceptions and tips for using period products.  


The “Don’t Say Period” law has raised concerns regarding the potential negative impact on children’s knowledge about their bodies, health, and overall well-being. INTIMINA recognizes the importance of empowering young individuals with accurate and age-appropriate information to foster self-awareness, confidence, and safe reproductive health practices in order to bridge the gap in learning and educational resources.

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