Tis the Season for December Deals!

Our periods are like snowflakes, all different in their own beautiful way. But one thing we can all agree on is that we want better control over our womanhood. Treat yourself to those Intimina products you’ve been wanting to try while December deals are here! 

Here comes Intimina,

Here comes Intimina,

Right down my driveway!

Lily Cup Compact 15% OFF

We get it, menstrual cups can seem kind of intimidating after lots of experience using other period products over the years. But– think about how many tampons and pads you’ve purchased over the past five years, and replace that with a single menstrual cup. Single-use period products are effective for their purpose, but their purpose doesn’t include saving you money or saving Mother Earth for that matter. 

The Lily Cup Compact is the only collapsible menstrual cup on the market. While we shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed of our periods, this thing fits discreetly in your bag and makes things as easy as possible so you can get all your important things done without worrying about if you have your period covered.

The cup is designed with a flexible silicone that fits comfortably in the vagina and creates a vacuum seal to prevent any spillage. It may take a few tries for you to know when it’s placed right, but from then on it’s smooth sailing. 

Ziggy Cup

Plot twist! We’ve also created the only menstrual cup that can be worn during sex. Santa may not be real, but this is and it works. It has all the perks of a menstrual cup with a petal-thin silicone lining that can’t be felt. It’s healthy for your body– no odors, dryness, or irritation for up to 12 hours. Imagine bloody-free period sex, now try it.


Do you have a weak pelvic floor post-childbirth? Or want better orgasms? The KegelSmart is a pelvic floor trainer that contains preset exercise levels with a simple vibration-guided program that helps you track your progress. A strong pelvic floor supports internal organs while helping control bladder and bowel functions. Maybe the most pleasurable result is that orgasms are stronger and more sensational.

Five minutes a day is all it takes!

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