Ben Wa Balls: 50 Shades of Kegel Benefits

Whether or not you’re a fan of E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey, the series certainly breaks down a number of sexual taboos. More women are now comfortable openly discussing sex and their own desires – which Intimina whole-heartedly supports. More importantly, the books have also exposed women to one of the most important aspects of a great sex life – Kegels.

In one of the most famous scenes from the first book, Mr. Grey gives Anastasia ‘two round, shiny, silver balls, linked with a thick black thread’. These Ben Wa balls, which move inside her when she walks, cause sensations that have many women setting the book aside for an intense session of Googling. Today, Ben Wa balls (also known as Ben Wah or Kegel balls) are much more mainstream, but to mark the release of the Fifty Shades movie we wanted to give fans even more reasons to get a set of their own.

A Quick History of Ben Wa Balls

Simple Ben Wa balls, made of stone or metal, have been around for centuries as a scintillating addition to the bedroom. However, it was gynecologist Dr. Arnold Kegel who showed the full health benefits of using these types of balls to strengthen the pelvic floor.  The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that both support your pelvic organs and contract during orgasm.  His research shows that by consistently exercising the pelvic floor using resistance, like that provided by a Ben Wa ball, women can:

  •  Tone and tighten the vagina for better sensations during sex
  • Orgasm easier, more frequently and more intensely
  • Prevent and treat pelvic floor disorders like bladder leaks
  • Quickly regain tone after childbirth
  • Increase blood flow to the pelvic area for a healthier vagina

Dr. Kegel’s work also led to so much improvement in the design of the balls – from the use of more hygienic materials like silicone to more effective weights – that today they are more commonly known as Kegel balls or exercisers.

Kegel balls, like Intimina’s Laselle Exercisers, help you perform pelvic floor contractions correctly as they give you an object to contract your muscles around and get the correct lifting motion. The weighted inner ball in the exerciser bounces around when you move, creating small vibrations that cause your muscles to instinctively contract. For many women this can be quite arousing (as Ana Steele has demonstrated), but to really get the full benefits of the balls you have to strengthen those muscles with a routine of contract and release exercises. The balls add resistance to your exercises, making them even more effective and strengthening your muscles faster.

More than just a bit of fun foreplay, a set of Kegel balls may just be the secret to finding not only your inner goddess, but also your inner strength and control. Just think of it as training for the best orgasms of your life!

Laselle Tone and Tighten Kegels


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