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First periods aren’t always the rosy introduction to the glories of womanhood we imagine it to be  – seriously, is it just us, or does wearing white pants somehow equal an engraved invitation to menarche?

And even if periods are old hat at this point, the switch to menstrual cups can sometimes come with a learning curve steep enough to throw you straight back into middle school.

But with Lily Cup One, your crimson wave becomes smooth sailing. Designed specially for first-time menstrual cup users of any age, it takes the confusion out of cups and replaces it with comfort and confidence – and here’s how:

Unique Bubble Shape

Lily Cup One is our most petite cup, yet it still has an impressive 20 ml capacity (20 ml – or the same as 2 regular tampons) because it uses a unique ‘bubbled’ shape. This design also lets it collapse down similarly to the Lily Cup Compact into its convenient carry-case, meaning you’ll never be caught unprotected by a surprise period appearance!

Leak-Proof Easy Open Double Rim

Leave leaks behind with Lily Cup One’s specially-designed rim! Not only does its ‘double’ rim stop you from making a mess when you’re emptying your cup, it’s also extra stiff, meaning that it pops open easily to seal – often the hardest thing to get the hang of when you’re new to cups!

Removal Ring

Cup removal can be stressful when you’re just starting out, which is why Lily Cup One features an easy-grip ring! However, if the cup is too long for you, it can be trimmed like any other cup – just check out the instructions here!

Is Lily Cup One Right for You?

The benefits of using a menstrual cup are clear – who doesn’t want up to 8 hours of leak-proof protection that respects your intimate balance as well as the environment? – but if you’re not sure whether Lily Cup One is for you, here are some things that make the answer an enthusiastic ‘yes!’:

  • If you’ve never tried a cup before
  • If you’ve had trouble opening other cups
  • If you have a very low cervix
  • If you have a light to medium flow

Of course, if you have any more questions about Lily Cup One and whether it’s the cup for you, just check out our FAQs, or get in touch with an Intimina team member!


Lily Cup One - The Perfect Menstrual Cup for Beginners


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