KegelSmart Review by Meghan Tonjes

Yet again, we LOVE a Meghan Tonjes’s review video! After having reviewed our Lily Cup Compact menstrual cup, Meghan tried out KegelSmart by Intimina – the personal trainer device for your pelvic floor.

As Meghan notes, Kegels are important for “basically anyone who has a vagina” and wants to maintain the health of their pelvic floor. They are especially important for those preparing for pregnancy or entering menopause, those who have experienced bladders leaks in the past or any woman who just wants to improve their intimate health.

KegelSmart is a smart Kegel trainer that guides you through a perfect, effective Kegel routine every time you use it. Doing Kegels treats bladder leaks, tones and tightens your vagina, and can even boost your sex life – and, as Meghan agrees, KegelSmart conquering your Kegels couldn’t be easier!

Check out the video below to see why Meghan Tonjes loves KegelSmart:


Meghan believes KegelSmart is even perfect for people who have already tried Kegels and struggled to know if they are doing them right or don’t know if they are having any impact on them. “Something like this is really cool for you because you don’t have to track your own Kegel progress”.

Her favorite thing about the product is the fact the vibrations are super quiet so it allows you to relax a bit more while you exercise. “Not everyone in house has to know you are trying to get your pelvic floor strength on point!” She is a huge fan of the medical grade silicone and highlights the fact that everyone should be aware of what they are putting inside of their body.

Remember, a strong pelvic floor is key to life-long intimate health. Get more information about the KegelSmart and how it works here.


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