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We have received more of your horror stories in the comments below the articles and selected a few that are shortlisted for the Intimina #DownWithTheICk awards. Read the comments and choose the one you like the most.

The 3 lucky winners will be announced on Wednesday, November 24th here at the bottom of this article.
Good luck everyone!

Tj: “My period horror story isn’t so bad as the others. But as a young girl, it was embarrassing. My family and I had traveled out of state to visit some relatives. I had never had my period before and was a day away from having my first. The night before I had cramps similar to when I’d drink milk, so I thought that’s all it was. The next morning in the motel room, my mom noticed the bedsheets had blood on them and when I went to the bathroom to look, sure enough, I had started. The embarrassing part was it was in a small room with two beds, and my dad and brother saw it all.

Alishah: “For me, I learnt to be really open in a fitness community and I got so much support and many women learned so much but there are still women who find it vulgar to talk about and think menstruation has nothing to do with fitness… Actually, it has so much to do with it because periods should never get in the way and you can still do so much!

Self-care is important but also working out is to and many women have learnt that you can still train and perform better whilst being on your period! So I’m here to show that we can adapt and no matter what hate you get you can still educate others!”

Claudine: “One of my period horror stories is when I was in college and had rashes down there, I can’t walk properly because of the rashes. And I found out that the reason is my sanitary napkin, after that incident, I never use ordinary/cheap sanitary pads when I had menstruation. I’m glad that I knew the menstrual cup. I will never buy expensive sanitary napkins anymore and I never experienced rashes. I hope I can win an Intimina cup because I’m still using generic cup because i can’t afford branded one.

Irie: “Team building exercises for our organization was a yearly tradition and was probably the most anticipated event by all the members. Playing fun games, competing for the best team, and gathering around during the night to share stories; it was an experience no one wanted to miss. Even with the extra expenses quite heavy for a college student, I looked forward to the event.

Obviously, the perfect day to have my period was during our team building event. Nevertheless, the show must go on. I put on my heavy pads, sports attire, and joined my team for the start of the games.

The first games were challenging but fun. The pads were uncomfortable with me sweating a lot, but the competitive spirit and determined focus to win kept my mind from my period.

The very last challenge, however, was a mud crawl. I’m talking about doing an army crawl on a few inches mud pool. Now, females with period were exempted. I waited, but no girls stepped aside. Well, I thought, my momma, didn’t raise a coward. Maybe it would be like in a pool, where the pressure stopped the blood from going out. It couldn’t be that bad.

It was that bad.

The pad already soaked up a considerable amount of blood and the mud was wetting it even worse and it was like washing a bloody pad with brown water. I finished the mud crawl, my legs dripping with brown liquid. I could spot some red which I swiped away.

Visually you couldn’t see anything wrong. Brown is of course darker than red. But the smell. They say scent is the most powerful memory trigger. I can still remember the earthy smell mixed with a dash of metallic. I wished the earth would swallow me whole. Bury me in mud.

Needless to say, I hated pads a little more that day. If I knew about menstrual cups then, I’d have one less memory I’d like to bleach from my brain.”

Jaz: “I had really heavy periods as a pre-teen, so I’d make sure to wear both a tampon and a pad along with black jeans just in case. This particular was no different. I was sat in my grandparents living room with my family and saw my mum looking at me strangely. She moved my leg, and blood marks were all over the cream-coloured fabric sofa. They’re were multiple, like huge skid marks of blood just everywhere. I was so shocked at the time that I didn’t have a chance to be embarrassed. However, it didn’t show up on my black jeans, so that’s the silver lining I guess.”

Rachel: “Moving across the country with my spouse our 3 kids a cat and dog all in 1 small hotel room due to a delay in housing. I was walking our dog early one morning along the side of the main road through town and started unexpectedly. By the time I reached our hotel room my pajama pants were SOAKED and I was mortified. Trying to explain to my 3 kids under 10 that mama was OK it was normal, get cleaned up and get products(I hadn’t had a cycle in about a year prior to this) was a nightmare!”

Andrea: “This is a similar story to mine. I always had a heavy flow when I was younger and would go through the super-strength tampons in an hour or two on my really bad days. Anyway, I’d put a fresh one in then went to a University lecture and was only in there for less than two hours so not really thinking about my period. Afterwards loads of us stood around chatting, and as it was tiered, I was standing above most who were looking up at me. Just before I went to go home I nipped to the loo to be confronted with a full-on leak at the front of my jeans for all to see. God knows how long it had been like that and no one had told me probably because i didn’t really know my fellow students that well yet.
Mortified…yes! But while I wrangled with how I was going to leave the loo to go home without any more people seeing me, I just thought, you know what, it’s happened now and there isn’t anything I can do to change that. So I stood proud, held my bag in front of me and walked straight home. I use a cup now and what a game-changer, no more leaks ever!

HoneyBunn: “I also have one foodie related story… I think it might not be as horrible, but it’s definitely di-sgu-sting. So, I changed my pad in the morning, and I kinda forgot that my 3rd day can be as bloody as any other. As my day went on, around 4 hours in the day, I got hungry so decided to grab a bite. It was break time, so I took time, meaning it was 5 hours in the day already… When I was in the restaurant, I started to smell a strange scent, as if my food wasn’t really okay, so I asked the waiter if he knows what happened to the food and he politely said ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about. Well, I finished my lunch, but the weird smell was still there, following me all the way to my office, so I already thought that I was getting weirded out… Nonetheless, I went to the bathroom to check myself, and there it was the reason, my pad being ridiculous as it always gets on 3rd day. Awful, awful experience. So I just switched to cups literally the next cycle…”

Thank you all for voting and commenting. The Intimina #DownWithTheIck packages are going to: Claudine, Irie, Rachel.

Congrats everyone! Intimina team will contact you via e-mail, and explain how you will receive the prizes.

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