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Periods are often considered a problem, and all the situations that accompany them are considered shameful, ridiculous, catastrophic. But accidents happen… that’s life! We have nothing to be ashamed of.

These everyday situations with period and blood are ours, yours, everyone’s… And that’s why we’re deciding to scream ‘DownWithTheIck’ together with you!

For the last five days we received and published stories some of our readers decided to share with all of us. Brave ladies talked about their bloody stories and accidents in trams, on the bike, during the family dinner, at the beach and on the sports tournament. Congrats to all of them who shared their personal moments to help others.

Now we need you to do the same – support these 5 brave women with your comments (left below the article you like), show that you are not afraid or ashamed to talk about your period experiences.

On the 18th November, we will publish the most creative comments and invite people to vote! The comments with the most votes will receive an Intimina DownWithTheIck prize!

Let us remind you of all the published stories!

Story One: Hanging Out At The Beach–Literally!

“When I came down to her level she immediately informed me that my tampon string was hanging out. I think the colour drained from my face as I imagined a bloody string hanging between my legs. She told me to sit and adjust it because, in reality, people don’t notice those period insecurities as much as we do.”

Story Two: ‘My Kimono Was Drenched In Blood

“…while the judges maintained their poker face, somebody’s mom, slightly to the back of the judges, gasped. At the time – I presumed from the pure awe she just witnessed. 

It was not an ‘awe’ gasp, it was a ‘Look! Her kimono is drenched in blood’ gasp. As it would appear, the ingenious ‘toilet paper pad’ I have created, could not stay in place or absorb during my testing, and my period made quite a striking appearance on my white-as-snow kimono.”

Story Three: ‘A Huge Blood Clot Fell Out Of Me In Front Of Everyone!’

“I dropped my foot on the sidewalk and at that same moment, I suddenly felt something between my legs, like when my water broke before labour.  I was horrified, shocked. I thought I was urinating uncontrollably! I froze and continued to push my bike across the road. 

While I was walking, I touched the dress secretly. It was completely wet. ‘Oh My God, what happened to me?!’, I freaked out.  In the parking lot of the centre, I tied my bicycle and in a bent position realized that a thin stream of blood was pouring down my legs. WHAT IS THIS?

Story Four: ‘My Pad Flew Into My Boyfriend’s Mother’s Food!’

Lunch arrived, the table was full of delicacies. I was delighted that the conversation would take a break. To make her like me more, I praised the decorations on the table and the arrangement of food. And, in typical social media fashion, I thought that this table would be a wonderful photo to show off on my story. She laughed and told me: “Feel free to take a photo.”

I reached for my flip case and touched my cell phone. Pulled it by the lace of the holster, and pulled all of my sanitary pads along with it. Pads flew out right onto the chicken, side dish, and salad.

Story Five: ‘My Period Felt On A Chair In The Tram, In Front Of Two Handsome Guys’

I didn’t think it had anything to do with me until one exclaimed: ‘You must be Mary because you are bloody, Mary’ and started laughing.

I looked at them and at the chair, I was sitting on. The relaxation from the heated seat made my period increase to the point where my pants and the chair were drenched in blood. I didn’t know what to do, I was frozen. I couldn’t stay on the tram any second longer. I ran outside and didn’t look back. I wanted to disappear.’

11 thoughts on “Your Period Horror Stories: Leave a Comment, Win an Intimina Package!

  • Kristina says:

    Kakve ovo stvari pišete ljudi dragi! Meni je lakše samo ako znam da se drugi snalaze isto kao i ja!

  • Alishah says:

    For me I learnt to be really open in a fitness community and I got so much support and many women learned so much but there are still women who find it vulgar to talk about and think menstruation has nothing to do with fitness… Actually it has so much to do with it because periods should never get in the way and you can still do so much!

    Self care is important but also working out is to and many women have learnt that you can still train and perform better whilst being on your period! So I’m here to show that we can adapt and no matter what hate you get you can still educate others!

  • S. K. H. says:

    I know this is going to be hard to believe, but I am 44-years old and have never had a public, period horror story. I am still having a period, so maybe I have just jinxed myself, LOL!

    I have a few conditions that require me to use the restroom frequently, so I always get to check. Plus, for many, many years, the first full day of my period would be so light that a little toilet paper took care of everything until I could get to my proper supplies. My periods just aren’t that heavy where I bleed heavily.

    Come to think of it, I have never witnessed a woman walking around with a blood spot on the back of her clothing (not saying that it doesn’t happen).

    But I do think that this is an important topic. I think that this is a good discussion.

  • Tj says:

    My period horror story isn’t so bad as the others. But as a young girl it was embarrassing. My family and I had traveled out of state to visit some relatives. I had never had my period before and was a day away from having my first. The night before I had cramps similar to when I’d drink milk, so I thought that’s all it was. The next morning in the motel room, my mom noticed the bed sheets had blood on them and when I went to the bathroom to look, sure enough I had started. The embarrassing part was it was in a small room with two beds, and my dad and brother saw it all.

  • Cami says:

    I’ve never had such a bad experience but I do live with fear of something like that happening to me

  • Claudine says:

    one of my period horror story is when i was in collge and had a rashes down there, i can’t walk properly because of the rashes. and i found out that the reason is my sanitary napkin, after that incident I never use ordinary/cheap sanitary napkin when i had menstruation. I’m glad that i knew the menstrual cup ❤️ i will never buy expensive sanitary napkins anymore and i never experience rahes ❤️ i hope i can win an intimina cup because i’m still using generic cup because i can’t afford branded one ?

  • Irie says:

    Team building exercises for our organization was a yearly tradition and was probabliy the most anticipated event by all the members. Playing fun games, competing for best team, and gathering around during the night to share stories; it was an experience no one wanted to miss. Even with the extra expenses quite heavy for a college student, I looked forward to the event.

    Obviously, the perfect day to have my period was during our team building event. Nevertheless, the show must go on. I put on my heavy pads, sports attire, and joined my team for the start of the games.

    The first games were challenging but fun. The pads were uncomfortable with me sweating a lot, but the competitive spirit and determined focus to win kept my mind from my period.

    The very last challenge, however, was a mud crawl. I’m talking about doing an army crawl on a few inches mud pool. Now, females with period were exempted. I waited, but no girls stepped aside. Well, I thought, my momma didn’t raise a coward. Maybe it would be like in a pool, where the pressure stopped the blood from going out. It couldn’t be that bad.

    It was that bad.

    The pad already soaked up considerable amount of blood and the mud was wetting it even worse and it was like washing a bloody pad with brown water. I finished the mud crawl, my legs dripping with brown liquid. I could spot some red which I swiped away.

    Visually you couldn’t see anything wrong. Brown is of course darker than red. But the smell. They say scent is the most powerful memory trigger. I can still remember the earthy smell mixed with a dash of metallic. I wished the earth would swallow me whole. Burry me in mud.

    Needless to say, I hated pads a little more that day. If I knew about menstrual cups then, I’d have one less memory I’d like to bleach from my brain.

  • Jaz says:

    I had really heavy periods as a pre-teen, so I’d make sure to wear both a tampon and a pad along with black jeans just in case. This particular was no different. I was sat in my grandparents living room with my family and saw my mum looking at me strangely. She moved my leg, and blood marks were all over the cream-coloured fabric sofa. They’re were multiple, like huge skid marks of blood just everywhere. I was so shocked at the time that I didn’t have a chance to be embarrassed.
    However, it didn’t show up on my black jeans, so that’s the silver lining I guess.

  • Rachel says:

    Moving across country with my spouse our 3 kids a cat and dog all in 1 small hotel room due to a delay in housing. I was walking our dog early one morning along the side of the main road through town and started unexpectedly. By the time I reached our hotel room my pajama pants were SOAKED and I was mortified. Trying to explain to my 3 kids under 10 that mama was OK it was normal, get cleaned up and get products(I hadn’t had a cycle in about a year prior to this) was a nightmare!

  • Tess says:

    Reading that some of you never had a bad experience… Lucky you!

  • Lexie says:

    It summer of my sophomore year of high school! I was the girl in almost everything including FFA. Well my school did summer camp every year a whole bunch of other schools.. well I ended up starting my period right before I left for camp. Well we got to camp and unloaded. I got my swimsuit on and headed to take my swim test not thinking at all. Well turns out the whole time my tampon string was hanging out. I found out by everyone pointing at laughing. ?

    8th grade year was when I had my first ever period! I was a wild child. Meaning I was the one that never stopped moving and talking to everyone. I was in math class and one of the boys in my class said I wouldn’t fit under the desk so I decided to crawl underneath and while I started crawling everyone started laughing. (Keep in mind I am wearing all white leggings with black chevrons on them) Well I stood up and asked what happened and they said I sat in something so I asked my teacher to go to the bathroom and before yes came out of his mouth I was already out the door running down the hall. Sure enough I did bleed through my leggings.

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