Staying Classy With Your Period Cup

Do we even have to convince you of the awesomeness of menstrual cups anymore? We’re Intimina, after all! Period cups are kind of our favorite subject.

But what you might not know is that period cups are excellent for students on the go. High school bathrooms or locker rooms and public restrooms in your college’s student union might not sound like ideal environments for dealing with re-usable period products, but hear us out.

We’ve got some tips on taking your period cup back-to-school without going red in the face (or all over your hands). It’ll take a little prep work and a quick shopping trip, but then you’ll be on your way to a fool-proof period plan, no matter where the day takes you.

Keep Wet Wipes on Hand

Until period cups become as much a mainstay as tampons and pads, we understand that you probably won’t want to waltz out from behind the toilet stall with bloody fingers and a messy cup in tow. Though you don’t have to be embarrassed about bringing your period cup to the sink for a rinse, we’re not expecting you to do so in a crowded bathroom.

For this exact reason, you’ll want to stash a small packet of vagina-friendly wet wipes in your bag. These babies do multiple duties. You can use them to clean your cup, wipe your hands, and nab any blood droplets that might have sneaked onto your thighs or vulva.

Wet wipes are great any time you’re away from home, not just in-between classes. You can also skip out on harsh hand sanitizers, as body-safe wipes will clean up any muck without killing the good bacteria on your skin that protect you from infection.

Bag It Up

You never know when you’ll need an impromptu, incognito trash bag while on your period (like for those wet wipes we just mentioned). Though most public bathrooms provide tiny trash bins in each stall, we’ve noticed a nasty trend. These menstrual product bins are often overflowing with bloody tissue, tampons and pads, or they’re so disgusting that you’ll scarcely want to push open the tiny metal door.

In this case, it’s best to plan ahead for those less-than-sanitary restrooms that could definitely use a visit from a janitor.

Try finding a small fluid-proof, solid color bag you can stash in your purse. Consider it a quick, secret place to toss any clean-up materials, like used tissue or wet wipes, while away from home. During your heavy days, it can also store used pads if you’re rocking a cup with a light pad for back-up.

Just be sure to give your new bag a test run in your home bathroom. The last thing you need is a bloody mess in your purse when you find out that adorable new cosmetic bag isn’t actually fluid-proof.

Choose the Right Cup to Fit Your Class Schedule

The Intimina family of menstrual cups offers a leak-proof option for every situation. Part of handling your period during the school year means choosing the best cup to fit your busy lifestyle – and the lack of real privacy during bathroom trips.

We recommend the Lily Cup Compact when you’re running from class to class. Simply put, this cup was made to travel and hide out in the tiniest of spaces until you’re ready to use it.

Lily Cup Compact folds down to fit inside a super small container that’s tiny enough to squeeze into a clutch purse. If your period sneaks up on you, it’s always there to have your back, even on the heaviest of days.

Make Your Cup a Conversation Starter

If you’re feeling brave, see what happens when you carry your cup to the public sinks to give it a thorough wash with soap and water. We admit, you might get some confused looks from those who have yet to be enlightened on the magic of menstrual cups, but imagine the pride you’ll feel for starting a new, eco-conscious trend at your school.

If you happen to notice your fellow bathroom babes checking out your cup, don’t be shy about starting a conversation. Explain with a smile while you’ve chosen to make the big switch; how it’s saving you loads of money, how period blood is nothing to be afraid or ashamed of, why it’s awesome for the planet, and how surprisingly easy it is to change over from pads or tampons.

And oh yeah, you should definitely throw in the fact that period cups totally kill cramps!

You never know who you’ll inspire with a little trip from the toilet to the sink. Ever think you’d make a new friend over a period cup discussion? We know, right? These little things are just that incredible.

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