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While there are countless different lineages, traditions, and forms of Yoga, there lies a common thread between them all. Yoga means “union” or “yolking”. A feeling of inextricable connection between self, and all there is. The practice of Yoga creates transformation in every area of your life. Especially when it comes to sex.

If yoga creates union, then the ultimate union is sex. So let’s see how this powerful practice can take your sexcapades to the next level. 

Tune In, Get Off

Movement, breath, mantra, meditation, and other yogic practices allow us to develop the ability to “tune in” like never before. 

Yoga increases sensitivity on a physical and emotional level. It gives us the ability to track sensations that previously went unnoticed, and to sense our partner’s needs without the use of words. This heightened sensitivity means deeper sensations all over your body, and usually that translates to more complex orgasms- and more of them. Can’t argue with that!

Feel Better, F*#k Better

Yoga revitalizes the body, mind and soul from the inside out. A regular practice tones your body, and increases flexibility, and stamina. This means you’ll feel better, sexier and more radiant in your own skin. 

The better you feel physically and emotionally- the better sex you’re gonna have. Plain and simple. Yoga increases Prana, your vital life force. Sex is the essence of life, so the more life juice you have pumping through you, the more juiced up your sex life is going to be. I’ll let you use your imagination on how flexibility and stamina come into play. 

It can also have tremendously healing benefits on anxiety, stress, and trauma. We store so much history in our bodies, and sometimes these stories keep us from truly experiencing pleasure. When we heal these blocks, we feel more at peace and the effects ripple out. 

Breath is Best

Nothing is sexier than the moment when you and your partner sync your breath, and can feel each and every cell come alive in harmony. 

The first component of practicing physical forms of Yoga is connection with your breath. Breathwork revitalizes the nervous system and increases prana– our vital life force.

Most people in the modern world are not breathing to their depths. They tend to do what’s called “chest breathing”, versus fully utilizing their diaphragm. Yogic breathing gives you the power to pull your breath into your stomach, your vagina, cervix, and whole pelvic floor.

This increased circulation allows for, you guessed it- better orgasms.

Party on The Pelvic Floor

According to yogic technology, there are certain “locks”, also called “bandhas” in the body that are used to create a container of energy. One of these main locks is called mula bandha, or pelvic floor lock. If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you’ve probably heard the teacher saying something like “engage your pelvic floor” or “pretend you’re trying to hold in your pee.”

This is engaging mula bandha, or a more evolved take on the kegel

Here at Intimina, we’re all about pelvic floor action. Not only does mula bandha give you the abillity to hold and distribute energy and sensation in your vagina, it can also help heal pelvic floor injuries from things that can interfere with your ability to enjoy sex, like birth and surgery. 

Polarity Planet

We live on a polarity planet. Geologically, by how the Earth is magnetized, but also in the way energies interact. Yoga allows you to understand the polarities between male and feminine energy on a subtle level. Sex is a give and take, a constant intercourse of these energies. Which by the way, don’t necessarily mean men and women. This principle applies no matter what configuration of genders are having sex. 

Sound pretty esoteric? It is, but it’s also practical advice for how to interact sexually using yogic principles. Speaking of practical…

Practical Yogic Sex Tips 

  • Get it on before you eat, or wait for at least 3 hours after. After you eat, your body is focused on digestion, not pleasure. Eating, especially a big meal, can create a feeling of heaviness in the body, that is frankly, not sexy. Besides, the last thing you want to be worrying about is ripping one, while you’re having sweet time with your honey.
  • Prioritize quality over quantity. Yes you can have both, but there’s too much “junk food sex”, and instant gratification out there. So slow down, and allow yourself to feel the details in every moment. 
  • Sex is relaxation. It’s a simple equation: Stress creates tension, and tension blocks pleasure. The more you can relax into the moment, the more you’ll enjoy sex, and thus- be more relaxed. Relaxtion allows your body to be more open, and feel more safe, which leads to better sex. It’s one of the best (if not the best) wellness tools out there. 

Do Try it at Home

If yogic sex tools are new to you, try a simple exercise by sitting crossed legged. Deeply inhale into your pelvic bowl. As you exhale, lightly engage your pelvic floor muscles to create a “lock”. As you inhale again, allow these muscles to relax. Feel the contrast between relaxation and engagement, and allow the increased sensitivity and sensation to wash over you. 

When a yogic way of living becomes integrated into your daily life, everything becomes a spiritual practice, or at the very least more mindful. If your sex life has felt a little dull lately, try brings these tips and philosophies into the bedroom. You can thank me later.

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