Blood Covered Revolution Starts Now!

But don’t worry, we’re not promoting violence or chaos, of course! INTIMINA is here to preach about safe and easy period-maintenance for every single woman on Earth!

Unfortunately thousands, possibly millions of fellow bleeders do not have adequate conditions to menstruate peace. In fact, some of them are ridiculed, excluded and frightened just because they are menstruating.

Bolivian students, for example, often can’t just leave the class to change their sanitary product of choice and then dispose of it because they would get shamed. This stigma is connected with an old belief that menstrual blood is toxic and impure. Imagine that – walking around for the entire day with used product in your bag. Not fun at all.

Their sisters across the globe, Afghani women, are lucky if they can even afford a sanitary product and a bath. It’s often times believed, by both men and women, that showering and washing genitalia during period causes infertility issues.

Meanwhile, talented Japanese female chefs cannot become sushi masters and it’s been like that for centuries. Why? Because they might contaminate food while bleeding from their vaginas. What even…!?

All these harrowing, old fashioned ideas are not advancing the female folk. Same goes for superstitions that don’t make any sense, but are still prevalent everywhere!  The Mae Enga women of Papua New Guinea are avoiding any contacts with the male part of the community while menstruating because it’s widely believed that period blood will “sicken a man and cause persistent vomiting.” Umm, sure.

Even though we agree that it would sometimes be awesome to get away #WhileBleeding and get some rest, all of the myths and superstitions are damaging to women everywhere. They have triggered our code red wake-up call for equality and started a Bloody Good Pledge for a better period future.

When you buy an INTIMINA cup, we will donate 1 cup to women in need, on your behalf, as a sister to sister gift. Alternatively, if you want to join the menstrual cup movement there’s also an option to get any cup from the range for 25% off.

The menstrual revolution is here!

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Period infographic

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