Get Your Sexy Sweat On! – The Beginner’s Guide to Kegels

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Are you ready to make that kitty sweat, girl? Kegel exercises are the latest sexual wellness trend that’s picking up speed for a dang good reason.

In short, a Kegel involves contracting and releasing your pelvic floor muscles . It’ll feel like you’re squeezing your vagina together or trying to stop the flow of urine when you pee. Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic floor, which helps your bladder, uterus, small intestine, and rectum function normally, or to recover from pregnancy and renew your vaginal strength post-childbirth.

According to some women, they also make for seriously killer orgasms. World-famous sex educator Dr. Ruth Westheimer attributes this fun little side effect to the increased blood flow to the pelvis and genitals, and the increased ability of the vaginal muscles to contract during climax.

Kegels were invented by – you guessed it! – a guy named Kegel; Dr. Arnold Henry Kegel, to be exact.

Kegel was an American gynecologist and Assistant Professor of Gynecology at the USC Keck School of Medicine who published research on curing pelvic muscle problems in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

He invented the Kegel perineometer, a now ancient-looking, probe-like device that was inserted into the vagina to measure the strength of a woman’s pelvic floor. Kegel found that women who could exert more than 20mm of pressure had fewer pelvic issues, like incontinence.

In short, he sent some of his patients home with this perineometer (which takes its’ name from the perineum, that patch of skin and muscle between your anus and vaginal opening) so they could practice their squeezing exercises and monitor their own progress.

Obviously Kegel’s patients reported great success, hence the reason we’re still encouraging Kegel practices for pelvic health today.

Are you convinced of the awesome power of Kegels yet? Check out our handy guide to getting started on your new workout routine and how a few toys can keep you motivated along the way.

How Do I Know I’m Doing This Right?

To get started, make sure you’re working the right muscles. Tense up your vaginal muscles and butt cheeks, like you’re trying to squeeze something inside your vagina. Hold for about 5 seconds, then release.

Give this little demo a try a few times, and then keep it in mind the next time you pop a squat on the toilet. While peeing, try to stop the flow of urine for a few seconds, and then release normally. If you can fully cease your pee stream, notice which muscles you’ve used to do so. Those are the same muscles you’ll be tensing up during your Kegels.

Just don’t keep up with the stop-and-go routine on the toilet, as this can lead to urinary tract and bladder issues if you do it regularly.

Set Up Your New Sexy Routine

It’s easy to work Kegels into your daily routine because, unlike a typical trip to the gym, you don’t need a sports bra and a membership.

Since all the action is happening silently in your pants, you can literally do your Kegels anywhere! (Just make sure you’re not making too many funny faces while you concentrate on tensing and releasing.)

You’ll be doing Kegel reps in sets, just like any other muscle toning routine. Start by tightening for 5 seconds, then releasing for 5 seconds. Repeat these 2 movements 10 times in a row, aiming for 3 sets of 10.

When you’re ready, you can repeat this same activity by holding for up to 10 seconds and then releasing for another 10.

Stock Up on Some “Exercise Equipment”

Bringing toys into the bedroom is half the fun of sex and masturbation, right? Luckily there’s tons of Kegel toys to spice up your intimate workout, too!

Intimina has all your Kegel bases covered with insertable weights and fitness trackers for all experience levels.

Our personal favorite is the Intimina KegelSmart (and maybe that’s because it vibrates!). This comfortable pod-shaped, silicone Kegel-ciser tracks your progress and guides you through a series of 5 gradually increasing workouts.

KegelSmart gently vibrates to let you know it’s time to squeeze, and stops when it’s time to rest. The device warms you up with a short series of vibrations, and then proceeds into a set of 5-10 second clench-and-release reps.

KegelSmart can actually sense your increasing your vaginal strength, and as you become stronger, it moves you through 5 different workout programs to fit your endurance ability.

If you prefer a more basic weight training routine, try the Intimina Laselle Exercisers Set. Laselle includes 3 different round, silicone weights that can be used individually to gradually increase your pelvic strength, or used together when your vagina has reached Superwoman status.

From smallest to largest, Laselle Exercisers espectively weigh 28 grams, 38 grams, and 48s grams, and each ball can be purchased separately if you’re already prepped for some heavier lifting.

Squeeze Your Way to Better Sexual Health

If you ask us, there’s really no reason not to do Kegels! They’re fast, they’re fun, and you can squeeze ’em in (pun totally intended) anytime, anywhere. They’re good for your body, and they’re amazing for your sex life. What’s not to love?

Please note that advice offered by Intimina may not be relevant to your individual case. For specific concerns regarding your health, always consult your physician or other licensed medical practitioners.

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