Laselle Review – Why Monique Parent Uses Laselle Weighted Exerciser Routine

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This might be our most intriguing video review to date! Actress Monique Parent believes that life gets even more fabulous after forty, and we should make the most of our bodies – no matter what age we are! Monique was kind enough to give us a frank and candid review of the Laselle Weighted Exercise Routine – and even a live demo! Watch below to find out how she got on:

Monique (very rightly) discusses the importance of pelvic floor exercise for women of all ages, as well as how a healthy pelvic floor can help with everything from preventing incontinence to improving sexual sensation. Monique also points out the fact that many women have never even considered this vital area of intimate health!

She describes Laselle as “a very affordable way to exercise a part of your body that you may not have been considering”. Monique even shows us a live demo of her using the heaviest Laselle weight (48g), to point out just how easy it is is to keep your pelvic floor in good shape.

Thank you to Monique for sharing such a wonderful review with us! Find out more about the Laselle Exercise Routine here, or check out our blog for more information about having a healthy pelvic floor.

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