Guide to Buying Your First Personal Massager

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Buying a personal massager is, without doubt, one of the most exciting projects anyone can undertake. However, for the uninitiated, the abundance of options can leave one feeling a little overwhelmed and even a bit prudish. Every woman experiences pleasure differently, so it’s really no surprise that personal massagers come in a wealth of shapes, sizes, speeds and with different kinds of stimulation. Investing in your first massager therefore requires careful and candid consideration of the specs you’d like to enhance your enjoyment and most importantly, asking yourself “What do I really enjoy?”.

Before we really get into it….

Before you embark on your quest for the perfect personal massager, there is some important criteria you should bear in mind. With any intimate object you need to make sure it is made from high quality materials that are totally safe for your body – medical grade silicone is a great option as it is toxin free doesn’t contain BPA or phthalates – it’s used in medical implants for crying out loud!

Also, the more features the better right? Varying speeds and vibration patterns allow you mix things up and find the perfect stimulation for you. Versatility is always a good thing and opting for a waterproof massager means the fun doesn’t have to be confined to the bedroom. Plus, everyone wants more returns on their investment, if you know what we’re sayin’…

For the record…

All INTIMINA personal massagers are made from medical grade silicone, are fully waterproof and benefit from a variety of speeds and rhythms. Easy to use and with lockable interfaces, each massager provides whisper quiet vibrations so aside from any big ‘O’s’, what happens under the sheets stays under the sheets.

So, now for the big question, what is it you enjoy?


kiri intimina personal massager vibratorExternal Stimulation

Let’s not be coy, most women are all about external stimulation to the pleasure powerhouse that is our clitoris. If this sounds familiar, a contoured personal massager is going to tick all right the boxes. Putting the focus on the clitoris, Kiri personal massager has a sculpted shape designed to cradle and caress every part of that most sensitive little nub. Sleek and petite, it fits comfortably into the palm of your hand and its grooved design means you can target where you experience the most enjoyment, bringing your sensations to new heights.


celesse intimina personal massager vibratorHitting the *spot*

If you’re more of a ‘it’s what’s on the inside that counts’ kinda gal, internal stimulation might be more up your alley. With its elongated curve and flattened tip, the Celesse personal massager is perfectly designed for internal stimulation, in particular locating that elusive G spot. Delivering powerful vibrations, Celesse massages you internally and is capable of unlocking some of your strongest, most intense orgasms. Plus, it’s gentle curve can be used to satisfy you externally as well. Swoon!


raya intimina personal massager vibratorVersatility

If choosing between a massager specifically designed for internal or external stimulation seems like an impossible choice, don’t fret, you can have the best of both worlds. Try looking for a massager with smooth, rounded edges that can caress any part of you. Raya personal massager benefits from a curved, seamless head that is perfect for deeper sensations as well as pinpointing your external thrills and generally setting your body a-buzzing.


kalia intimina personal massager vibratorShared Satisfaction

If you’re of the school that pleasure shared is pleasure multiplied, then you might be interested in a couples’ massager. Couples’ massagers like Kalia, are worn by women during intercourse, with one thin tail inserted into the vagina and a clitoral vibrator extending outside for hands-free stimulation. Offering enhanced sensations during sex, couples’ massagers are great if you want to mix things up a little in the bedroom – with vibrations both of you can enjoy. Kalia personal massager also benefits from being USB rechargeable so it’s easy to keep it buzzing at its best.


With so many options out there, buying your first personal massager may seem a little overwhelming. To recap, your top considerations in this oh-so-fun research are 1) that good quality, body safe massagers are always a must, 2) the more (useful) specs the better and 3) choose a massager that will cater to what you enjoy best. Once you’ve found one that makes you purr, you’ll be wondering how you ever lived without it, trust us!

Please note that advice offered by Intimina may not be relevant to your individual case. For specific concerns regarding your health, always consult your physician or other licensed medical practitioners.

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  • I just purchased the rayia and it doesn’t work at all, I’m very and believe I for will never purchase any products from INTIMINA

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