Intimina Size Guide: How to Choose Between A and B

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Trying to decide which menstrual cup is right for you can be tricky. There are different styles, shapes, and capacities to consider! Today we are going to discuss the A and B menstrual cup sizes we use for Lily Cup Classic and Lily Cup Compact.

Menstrual Cup Size A

Both Lily Cup Classic and Lily Cup Compact menstrual cups have a Size A, which are 40 mm and 42 mm tall comparatively. Don’t let the height fool you – Lily Cup Classic holds 5ml more than Lily Cup Compact, which has a longer (and trimmable) removal stem.

These are both great cups, if you are choosing between Lily Cup Classic and Lily Cup Compact, we have a handy guide that takes into account your flow and cervix height.

Menstrual Cup Size B

In designing Lily Cup Classic and Lily Cup Compact, we also created another sizing option in a different colour. In testing, we found that women who have been pregnant or generally have a weaker pelvic floor often find these cups more secure. (They also hold more period blood, if you’re curious!)

It’s important to not that even if you have given birth via Cesarean, carrying a baby for 9 months can still put pressure on your pelvic floor muscles, causing them to weaken.  

Is Every Body The Same?

Of course not! The above advice is a guideline to what we had in mind when designing and testing our menstrual cups. Every vagina is different – and our vagina will change throughout our lives (and sometimes back again) depending on our reproductive history and genetics.

For instance, if you find that Size B better suits your body immediately following childbirth, that may not be the case a year later. You don’t need to feel a pressure to ‘get back’ to a certain cup size, because after all, the most important factor when it comes to menstrual cups is that they are comfortable and provide the protection you need.

2 thoughts on “Intimina Size Guide: How to Choose Between A and B

  • Margarita says:

    I bought your cup in Spain and didn’t know that there is different sizes, now, when I start studying the topic and understood that I get a cup size B, but I never was pregnant. Is that mean, that it would be not that comfortable like size A? Or it’s better not to use it and to buy the size A?

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