Menstrual Cups and Swimming: What to Wear on your Period in Summer?

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This article was medically fact-checked by Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr. Shree Datta.

After two years of waiting, of isolation and pandemic, the summer is finally back! This year we will enjoy it to the fullest! We’ll go to the beach without heavy luggage, masks, distances, and issues.

We want everything around us to be completely light so that nothing makes it difficult for us to relax. Even when you get a period – keep it light! And go to the beach or a mountain with a menstrual cup only!

Menstrual Cups and Hiking? Yes!

We’re suckers for a good hike, especially if it involves camping. Nothing like a night under the stars… until you need to make a dash to the outhouse in the middle of the night.

Because you can safely wear your menstrual cup for up to 8 hours, it makes it a lot easier to avoid less than ideal bathroom situations.

And menstrual cups are eco-friendly and great for reducing waste! Many who spend their summer tree planting swear by menstrual cups when out at camp. Pick up a pink cup-like Lily Cup Classic when you decide to go green!

Menstrual Cups and Beach Vacation

Maybe you’re feeling something a bit less strenuous this summer. Lucky enough to have a backyard pool? Or a secluded lake to swim at? Nearby beach to frolic in? Whichever way the waves take you, make sure to pack a menstrual cup along.

Wearing a menstrual cup while swimming is so convenient, and takes the stress out of a day by the shore. Wearing a cup in your swimsuit also means zero possibility of issues all tampon users have experienced once – a tampon string making an unwelcome appearance in public! We’ve written your total guide to menstrual cups and summer here!

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Hitting The Road

A big summer trip may involve exploring your city or state. However far afield you’re heading, one thing’s for sure—bathroom breaks add a lot of time to your road trip.

Not to mention that you probably want to skip stopping at sketchy gas stations (now more than ever).

Lily Cup Compact is an extra portable cup that’s perfect even if you need to pop a squat on the side of a secluded road. Just remember to bring a water bottle to rinse out your cup before reinserting. (And, make sure you’re really hidden!)

What to keep in mind?

Unlike tampons, menstrual cups like Lily Cup or Ziggy 2 can collect menstrual blood up to 8 hours – so it’s a lot less likely that you’ll need to change your cup while you’re out and about. Most women pop their cup in the morning and remove it when at home in the evening, with public bathroom changes being a super rare occurrence.

For those with very heavy flows that require more regular changes, doing so in a public bathroom is easy and simply requires a little forward planning. But it is not impossible of course, even if you do not have warm or any water, soap, clean toilet paper, paper towel or wet paper towel/wipes.

Read the full cleaning guide here.

Your Destination Is Summer Love

Summer love is magical, and summer sex even more! If you and your partner have ensured you’re safe, penetrative sex may be on the menu. (even in the case of the long period!)

When you and your partner decide to take the next step, cleaning your sheets or towels is the last thing you want to be worrying about.

That’s why we made ‘period protection’ called Ziggy 2 As a flat-shaped cup worn high around the cervix, Ziggy 2 can be worn during penetrative sex on your period, to ensure a mess-free experience.

If you’re not sure you want to switch up period cup styles, we’ve written a guide to the types of sex you can have while wearing a menstrual cup, like oral. Read on to find out more!

All Set For Summer?

A good book, sunscreen, good company, and a menstrual cup… What else do you need for a perfect summer vacation? Well, not much – if you stay hydrated and stay away from sharks your holiday season will become one to remember. We are sure!

Facts checked by:

Dr. Shree Datta

Dr. Laurie Mintz, Ph.D.

Dr. Shree Datta is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in London, specialising in women’s health including all menstrual problems such as fibroids and endometriosis. Dr. Shree is a keen advocate for patient choice, having written numerous articles and books to promote patient and clinician information. Her vision resonates with INTIMINA, with the common goals of demystifying periods and delivering the best possible care to her patients

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