Intimina Shares: Our First Period Stories

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Ahh, menarche. It’s a beautiful moment that signals the beginning of our bodies’ maturation, and prepares us for our new lives as adults.

Well, sorta,

A first period will happen any time between 11 and 15 for most people* (though some will get theirs earlier or later, due to genetic or environmental reasons, including life just not being fair). That means right around middle school or the beginning of high school, which were not, if you recall, the easiest time to be alive.

While usually menstruation makes its mark soon after breasts, armpit hair and a growth spurt that makes the square dancing unit in gym class extra awkward, even the most well-prepared pubescent might find themselves, well, unprepared for what getting their first period is actually like. We asked around the office to get a sense of how Intimina employees first reacted to their new monthly visitor


From: USA

First Period: 14

I remember being super uncomfortable about the whole thing. When I went home from school that day to tell my mom, the first thing she did was slap me on the arm and then she said congrats. I never really thought twice about it, but recently realized it’s a Jewish ritual.(It was a light slap don’t worry!) Most people would probably think, ‘what a relief to joke about the situation’ but I remember that annoyed me even more. After working for Intimina, I might be too comfortable talking about my period at this point….I’ve come a long way.


From: Spain

First Period: 13

I was “ready”, watched the SexED video in school and I knew what was coming… but I wasn’t prepared to receive my period, in summer, wearing white shorts. I just went to pee when i saw my pants and flipped! I shut myself in the bathroom, all shaky, and yelled for my mom.  She gave me a pad and cried of happiness (and started giving phone calls to everyone).

Then is when i learned that blood goes away with cold water – and that you could receive presents on your first period, yay!


From: USA

First Period: 11

I thought I was dying! I didn’t tell my mom – just freaked out and hid my shorts in the laundry. Obviously she found the stained laundry. My mom is Russian and I don’t think she has ever talked to me about my period. She just gave me pads and let me read the instructions to figure it out on my own.


From: Canada

First Period: 13.5

After moving into my older sister’s room when I was 11, I found a book on puberty that my mum ‘suggested I should probably read’ and thus began impatiently waiting for my period quite early. I didn’t end up getting it until I was in 7th grade (which was still elementary school in Canada, so I was terrified of someone catching me with a bulky pad in the bathrooms). Even though I knew what it was, I got super emotional and was crying when I told my mum, who didn’t know why I was being so dramatic – she told me to ‘buck up!’ Oddly, I only got the one that year, and then it was maybe 6 more months when I was safely in high school that I REALLY got my period – and discovered the horrors of cramping and leaking.


From: USA

First Period: 14

All my friends started their periods not long after that oh-so-embarrassing week in 5th grade where we learned about the joys of puberty, but I was a bit of a late bloomer. After a few years of hearing about everyone else’s cramps, PMS, and favorite brand of tampons, I was desperate to get mine and finally “join the club.” In preparation for the big day, I stole a pad from my sister’s stash and carried it around in the tiny zipper pocket of my backpack for way longer than was sanitary… just in case. When my first period finally arrived, I was excited in a way that I now find amusing – I think I must have told every girl at school the good news.


From: Canada

First Period: 12

I was the second person in my group of friends to get it so everyone was jealous. I was fairly prepared but I was really embarrassed because I overheard my mum telling my dad that I had gotten ‘it’ and he absolutely didn’t want to hear about it. Also, I was too scared to use anything but pads for my first 2 years, meaning I had to stop my lifeguard training, which I’m still upset about.


From: Australia

First Period: 10

I remember being relieved when I got my first period. I was an anxious kid and I’d been feeling off all day, my best friend was over and suddenly I hated her plus I had a sore stomach and headache, I thought maybe I was dying. So late in the afternoon when I sat down on the toilet and saw red I felt relief.

I’d long known about periods because in Australia tampons came in little boxes with Liberty print-like floral patterns. I’d been obsessed with my mum’s tampon boxes for years and she’d never shied away from telling me what tampons were. In fact, she’s gotten a call from my kindergarten teacher one year after I’d told the entire class about the ‘tampons’ in the aquarium (they were tadpoles).

My mum showed me how to use a pad (to my great disappointment; I was hoping to get my own tampon box straight away). My mum left me in the bathroom and when I came out she was on the phone to my dad’s secretary telling her I had my period and my dad needed to call back ASAP. I remember being very aware in that moment of something changing… it was worthy of urgent phone call, I felt embarrassed adults were talking about my body and suddenly I wasn’t so sure that periods were just about pretty boxes.


From: Colombia

First Period: Around 13

I was lucky enough to get my first period when I was at home – and to share the bathroom with my older sister, which meant I had everything I needed on hand. My school had prepared me for this moment over and over, so I am happy to say it went smoothly and without panic. To be honest, the thing I remember the most is my mom hugging me when I told her.


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17 thoughts on “Intimina Shares: Our First Period Stories

  • my first period was literatly: go to the bathroom and see sooo much brown and red, panic and freak out, run and tell my older sis, THEN tell my mom but pretending that i didnt know what it was,then 20 minutes later my mom calls me upstairs to my room and gives me a bunch of Stayfree pads, me changing my pads every 2 minutes because whenever a single drop of blood came on my pad i would change, and then cue the exciting text message to my friend saying i got my period. 🙂

  • When i first got my period I hadn’t been told what it was so I was totally confused but not scared😂 then when I told my ma she looked at me smiled hit my arm (softly) and said “I knew you would get it soon” I was 10😂

  • So I was in grade 6 when it all happened. I had simply asked my teacher if I could got to the toilet and she said yes so within seconds I was just minding my own business and walking to the bathroom. When I eventually got into a toilet stall I looked down at my underwear and yes their was a big brown spot on my underwear I was terrified at the time.I got back to my classroom and asked if I could go to sick bay because I wasn’t feeling well, but my teacher said you don’t look sick so sit back down. As my teacher started the lesson I started crying so when everyone got to work the teacher calmly took me out and made me explain what happened. So I explained that I got my period and I really need to go home. So my teacher gave me a sick bay pass and to this day whenever I see her at the shops I’m too embarrassed to even look at her.

    • I got it while I was in class too!! I was wearing a panty liner just in case, because I had cramps and was nervous about it.Long story short I leaked a little bit and my whole zoom class saw it!! 😒

      • Oh Eva, I’m so sorry! Leaks happen to the very best of us, so at least you’re in very good company 🙂

  • I was 13 when I got it and I had been given a little bag of pads a year before. I didn’t know much about periods but I was super uncomfortable and scared. I didn’t tell my mum all day. I had been being weird and my parents were worried and thought I was sick then i finally told my mum. My advice for all girls is tell your mum right away the more you procrastinate the scarier it seems. I don’t even remember why I was worried my mum is really calm about this sort of stuff.

  • so i was 12 and so prepared like my parents told me ans school and sone research ofc so yeah it was in summer when I woke up with a terrible cramp so i went to the toilet and i saw that spot i was so happy but sicki told my mom she hugged me and said congrats and I told my dad he huggedme and the next day he but me a necklace

  • so I was 13 and so prepared (my parents, school, researchs) so it was summer i woke up with a terribly cramp i went to the toilet pulled down my underwear and bam there was a huge stain of blood so i got really happy i told my mom she hugged my and said congrats and gave me tampons and oad then i told my dad he got happy and kissed my cheek and said congrats young lady and the next day he bought me necklace

  • I was at my friend house. Her nose was bleeding like two days before, and in the morning after the breakfast I noticed some Red staik on the place where I have sat down. So I rushed to the bathroom and there it was. My whole under wear Red. (I goolged it, and the cause of having heavy first periods are, cause you didn’t ovulate) my mum have water for my periods (Finland average age of first periods is 11) so I water for my 6 months until I was able to tell her😂 I was just 12,and the Last one of my class girls to get.

  • I was having a heart-felt conversation with my mom and sister in law (we’re all really close). I realised that it was 3:00 am and I had school tomorrow. I went upstairs and used the bathroom as I was wiping myself I saw a pinkish-red liquid on the toilet paper. It was so little that I thought it was probably a cut. I woke up the next morning went to the bathroom and had dried up blood on my vagina. That when I knew. I quickly went to my mom’s bathroom to grab a pad and the I told my mom and she was really supportive and I got to go shopping with her 😀

  • I grew up in a family that’s super comfortable about things like periods, so I found out about them very early. I just couldn’t wait to get mine and be a “grownup” when I was 10-11. Not knowing the drawbacks, I was downright desperate. I finally got it when I was 12 and realised it was more than I bargained for right away. I’m much more shy than the rest of the family, so I tried to hide it for as long as I could. A few months passed when my mum found out about it and I was so embarrassed! Up to this day I usually treat periods as a very personal business and avoid talking about it as much as possible. As an adult, I deeply regret wanting to have them, realising how painful, uncomfortable and gross they are.

  • I just got my period.I’m 10 years old,and I got it while on a walk with my best friend.I am embarrassed because my 17 year old brother knows that I am on my’s scary.I HAVE BLOOD DRIPPING FROM MY VAGINA!!!!🔴🔴🔴

    • Congratulations Ava! I know it can feel a bit awkward at first (especially if you have immature brothers) but at same point he (and you) will get used to the idea that a huge portion of the world’s population is on their period all at the very same btime. That always makes me feel less alone when I’m having a bad period day – I hope it helps you too!

  • I was 11 years old when I got it. I was in the middle of class when we were LEARNING ABOUT THEM. * What a coinsidence!* I felt cramps and talked privatly to my teacher she let me take a walk down the halls. When I came back I sat in my seat with a big fat “SQUISH” and everyone though I farted and started laughing. I looked down and saw my pants wet. I didn’t want to reveal myself to the class so I just stood up and said: “I GOT MY PERIOD” and rushed to the boys bathroom without looking I pulled down my pants (And underwear) before I went into the stall at least 3 boys and my crush were looking at my but mostly my vagina and they whispered: “Thats what it looks like??? Why is it so hairy???” I blushed pulled up my pants and underwear and ran to the girls washroom and cried until this nice girl helped me. She have me a pack of pads and hugged me. But ever so sadly she then knew what my vagina looked like. It was the WORST DAY OF MY LIFE.

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