Let’s go green

If you decide to switch to Intimina now, you’ll be saving 20% OFF everything (except Ziggy Cup™ 2), but you’ll make a significant impact on your surroundings, too! Your period can be eco-friendly while you’re staying safe and strong, thanks to Intimina’s menstrual cups, Kegel trainers, and accessories.


"A menstrual cup to reduce both your period's overall carbon footprint and your contribution to the 20 billion pads, tampons, and applicators that will likely be dumped in North American landfills in 2019."

"A cup can get you through the day without you needing to count on your fingers how many tampons to bring with you. Plus, Lily Cup helps cut down on environmental waste and your tampon/pad expenses."

"Intimina Cup One is designed to be one of the most petite options on the market. It's also one of the best options for teenagers or those who have never used a menstrual cup before."

Better for Your Health,
Better for Your Body

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