5 Signs That You’re About to Get Your First Period – You Ready?

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Fun fact, the first period a girl has is called her menarche (say MEN-ar-kee), kind of like anarchy… Which is sort of how your first period can feel. Your body is being overthrown by hormones that are going to take charge of you, changing your body and the way you feel.

People react to this body-anarchy in a whole host of different ways, with fear, dread or even eager excitement. As intimidating as these big changes can seem, many girls can feel like they have missed the crimson wave if their friends have already started their periods and they haven’t. Try not to worry, these things just take time and it’ll come when your body is ready!

Predicting the beginning of your menstrual cycle is not an exact science, but it’s good to be prepared, both mentally and practically-speaking (so you don’t get caught off guard and leak through your undies). If you know how to read the signs your body gives you, you can be as informed as possible… Ready and waiting for Aunt Flo!

1. Your Age

You would think that age would play the biggest factor in determining when you’re going to start your period. But, it isn’t really just age that matters, it’s all about puberty. Most girls begin puberty around the age of 11 but it can start anywhere between 8 and 14. That’s when your body develops from a child’s to an adult’s.

You develop breasts and body hair; in fact, you grow a lot in general (it’s why you’re taller than all the boys). You can also get acne and experience moods swings that really feel like emotional anarchy. It may not be the best thing about being a teenager, but it is all part of becoming a woman.

You will probably get your period about a year after you start noticing these changes, which for most girls that’s around age 12, but the range is actually pretty huge. You can get your period any time between 9 and 15 and be considered totally normal!

One thing you can do to help predict when you’ll get your first period is ask your mom when she started hers; genetics play a big part in how you develop and if your mom got her period at 15 and you’re 12 right now, your period may not arrive for another couple of years.

2. You Need a Bra!

One of the big signs that your period is on its way is that you’ve gotten boobs. Hoorah! Now, this does not mean the bigger your breasts are, the more likely you are to have your period! But, breast development is one of the first signs of puberty.

When your breasts will become tender and feel a little raised, this is the first sign they’re developing. It can be a little sore but that’s all par for the course and a sign your period is about a year away!

Top tip: keep a diary to help keep track of the changes that are happening to your body, you can take measurements, jot down the dates that you notice changes, that kind of thing.

3. Hair Downstairs

Pubic hair, or pubes, as you have probably heard them called, arrive soon after your breasts begin to develop. At first you will notice soft fluffy hair that begins to appear around your vulva and on your pubic bone; it will slowly get darker and courser over time.

Your period will should arrive around a year or so after you begin to grow pubic hair. Now, we hear what you’re thinking, ‘a year or so’ is not very exact but, all the signs are pointing in the right direction!

4. Tell-Tale Discharge

You might think vaginal discharge is not something to be super excited about. But you’re wrong, oh so wrong! Let us explain, vaginal discharge is usually a clear or white-ish, sticky liquid that comes from your vagina (though it can vary).

It is caused by the changing hormones in your body and it’s just your vagina’s way of keeping itself clean and moisturized so good bacteria can grow and you can stay healthy. (Your vagina is really good at looking after itself!) So say a big hello to vaginal discharge, as it means your period is about a year to six months away!

5. You’re Crying at Cat Videos  

This is the big one: premenstrual syndrome, or PMS for short. Normally you experience PMS one or two weeks before your period begins so this is a sign that your period is right around the corner! Recognizing the symptoms of PMS can be a bit tricky; some people don’t get it at all, other people really do.

You may experience some of the following symptoms: acne, tender breasts, tiredness, bloating, an upset tummy, or strange food cravings, not to mention you may feel super emotional. Even period veterans sometimes get their periods, then look back on the past week and think ‘oh, that’s why I was crying over that cat video two days ago!’ Pesky hormones can catch us all by surprise, so don’t worry if you don’t recognize the symptoms straight away.

Mood swings happen throughout puberty, so knowing if it’s just a mood swing or your period knocking on the door can be pretty tricky!

Coming Soon
What body change occured first for you?

Though it’s easier said than done, try not to compare yourself to your friends. Your period will come when your body is ready; if you hit 16 and you still have no sign of it, go and speak to a doctor, they will be able to run tests and give you some clear answers.

A big step towards handling your first period smoothly is being prepared.

Carry a spare pair of undies in your bag and a panty liner, just in case you get your period when you’re not at home. Do a bit of research into some of the period protection products out there. You can try out everything to find out what works best for you and your body.

We of course, recommend menstrual cups, which can be used from your very first period. Not only are they great for the environment and your vagina, they are inserted just like tampons. They are also suitable for virgins,  really easy to use and to keep clean.  There you have it, how to predict the beginning of menstrual anarchy and how to prepare for it, so let the menarche begin!

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69 thoughts on “5 Signs That You’re About to Get Your First Period – You Ready?


    Such good advice now I know what to expect on my first period thanks

  • Mariah says:

    Yeah thanks for the tips!

  • Kaitlinn says:

    See a GP if your periods haven t started by age 16 (or 14 if there are no other signs of puberty either).

    • zzoo says:

      OmG i want my period thanks for the tips im not a virgin but i never had sex thanks masturbation

      • Brianna Hudgen says:

        I now know that my period is coming around by the time I’m 13 in two months because I have so many symptoms and a lotttttt of hair down the stairs???

    • Grace Moloney says:

      Thanks I have all the signs now I understand that if your breasts have come up and hurt but there not that big it still means something they started hurting 1 years ago I thought something was wrong with me haha but thanks for the help mines coming soon.

      • INTIMINA says:

        Hi Grace! I am happy that you found this helpful! This article might also be useful – it talks about the different stages of puberty, which can start before you hit your teens and not end until you’re nearly 20!

  • Via says:

    Thanks so much i turn 13 this year and u guys hav given me so much help thxs ?

  • Gabby says:

    My mom says I’m about to get my period so I did some research so I’m prepared, very helpful!

  • Olivia Shenouda says:

    Hey so Umm I’ve had discharge for 11 months now and uh boobs since I was 9 hair down there since 5 and armpit hair since I was 8 I’m now 11 when will it come I rly want it and feel left out all the time

    • INTIMINA says:

      Hi Olivia!
      It can be extremely frustrating to feel like you’re the only one who hasn’t gotten their period yet. (I definitely know how you feel!) But unfortunately, wishing it would happen doesn’t make it come any faster. The best way to think about it is that your body is following its own schedule, and it’s going to come at a specific time (that you can’t exactly predict) whether you’re stressing about it or not. So, why not save yourself the stress part?
      I hope that helps!

  • Makenna says:

    Um when do you guys think ill get my period? im 11 i have breast and have hair down there since i was 5 but no discharge yet im turning 12 this year and thirteen next year and i been having a lot of mood swings lately.

  • Panda says:

    Do yo think ill get it rn my mom got it when she was 14 and im 22 then will i get it

    • Intimina says:

      Hi Panda,

      thank you for your question, but this one is for your doctor. Please talk to your doctor and ask for advice.

      Have a great day!

  • Maddy says:

    Can i make it come faster?

  • Kloey says:

    Is it possible to get it at 10?

  • Sassy Roosevelt says:

    This is really good stuff. Thanks! I can’t wait for my period.

  • Sassy Roosevelt says:

    I’m curious, what is a tampon?

  • Sassy Roosevelt says:

    How am I going to tell my mom that I had my period?

  • Reina says:

    Hi! This info was really helpful! Since I’m 11 I recently got my period (i think) my mom also thinks i got it but it was only for one day and was really watered down , is that normal? I’m worried.

  • Char says:

    I just noticed that I have been getting some brown discharge, is that a sign that my first period will start soon, or is it something else? I’m 11.

  • Charly says:

    I’m 13 , and i have had breasts for two years , and have to wear a bra , have prolific pubic and armpit hair , and recent growth spurt and mood swings . I have normal discharge most days but for a few days each month it gets really heavy and gooey , do you think i might have my first period soon ? My mum had hers around this time ? Thanks !

  • Caroline says:

    Thanks! This article was very helpful!
    My mom LITERALLY TURNED 13 when she got hers and I am getting pretty close to her age range for her menarche.
    I have been experiencing most of the symptoms for a while now so I think it could come anytime really.

    I want it but then again I don’t.. does that make sense?

  • Dan says:

    As a gay dad this was so great to learn about as I had no idea. And my parents never spoke of anything that could be remotely connected to one’s personal body parts. My daughter is 9 and going through some of this. So this was a huge help for me.

  • Madison says:

    I hope I get my period soon I’m almost 9

  • Kiwi says:

    Hey I have been noticing brown discharge in my under wear for the past 2 days, is it my first period? Or is it a sign my first period is soon to come? I have been getting so much cramps by the way

  • willo says:

    I’m nine turning ten this year I’ve had quite a bit of discharge since last year and I think I might have slight cramps although I’m lactose intolorent so I can’t really tell the difference but my tater tots grew quite a bit a few months ago soooooooooo

    • Intimina says:

      Hi Willo,

      thank you for this comment.

      We can not be sure what is this all about, but if you are about to get your first period, do not worry. Just be relaxed and prepared. Talk to your parents if possible about all the things you feel. Good and honest talk is always very helpful.


  • Lena says:

    Is it normal for if there is a hard bump inside my chest where my breast is. plus it really hurts. Is this normal? I’m really worried!

  • Cloe says:

    I’m 45 and I haven’t gotten it so. Am I pregnant ?

    • Intimina says:

      Hi Cloe,

      have you ever had a period? Have you had sexual intercourse? Do you have reason to suspect that you may be pregnant? If yes, have you done a pregnancy test or visited your doctor?


  • Beth says:

    Hey! I’ve been getting a lot of this since I was 9 or 10 and I’m 11 now. I still haven’t got my period. I have to wear bras, I have had discharge for a while, I have plenty or hair downstairs and a little in my armpits. I don’t really know why it hasn’t started. I have mood swings too.

    • Intimina says:

      HI Beth,

      it will start when the time is right for it. Every body is different and unique.

      Have a great day

  • Crow says:

    I’ve been wondering when I’m gonna get my period for a long time now. Now, i’m turning twelve in a couple of months, so maybe I will get it. but I’ve been getting discharge, hair, and have been growing boobs since forever, so why am I not getting it sooner? My mom says it’s because I’m a thin and fit person like her was when she was a teen, and she didn’t get it until fourteen. I’m kind of desperate, thats all.

  • Hi! I’ve read this a few times and it had helped!!!
    I’m 12 years old have boobs and hair downstairs and have discharge am now using pant liners. My mom got it she was 14 I believe and I think mine has coming soon I am very nervous that mine has already happened or will never happen I really want to be permaired is there a way to know the date of when it will happen? I’ve had boobs since 11 hair downstairs since 8 and discharge since 12 is that normal?

    • Intimina says:

      Hi Nikki,

      unfortunately, you can not know the exact date. But you can relax and be prepared. Every body is different and unique, and everything is normal. Your body has its own clock, just wait until it is ready.

      And enjoy the process.


  • Summer says:

    Hi! So my mum said that she got her period the year she turned 11 which was 1982. I am turning 12 this year. I’m not worried but really want my period for some reason?! For about a year I have been getting really bad lower back pains. I was at a shop called silly sollys the other day and was having pains in my back. So I told my mum and she said “ you could have just slept weird or you could be close to getting your period “ and in my mind I was like “ omg! Yay! I rlly hope I do get it soon. Lol! I started developing breast in the beginning of grade 3 ( I was 8 turning 9 in August) ( by the way I’m Australian so might be different starting of school time if some of you are from America etc. ) I started getting pubic hair at the end of grade 3, ( so like September, October, November, December. ) And started to get discharge in the middle of grade 4 ( so like April, May, June. ) I rlly hoped that I would get my period a little before or after I turned 11, but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully those lower back pains I told my mum about are some type of cramps ( then again I don’t know why I want my period so badly )( I guess in my mind it will make me change and make me more mature?? But also will make me look forward into looking after myself more?! Then again I don’t know? ) But hopefully my mum is right about my lower back pains possibly being a sign of me getting close to my 1st period.
    Oh well! Fingers crossed I get it soon though!! 🤞🩸

  • I really want my first period I have all the symptoms it’s been about 2 years since I’ve had these symptoms and I still don’t have my first period but thanks for the information so I know that it’s coming soon

  • Anya says:

    This year I’m turning 14 and I still haven’t gotten my period. I have all the signs. But I don’t have armpit hair. Is it normal to just not get armpit hair? My mom got her first period when she was 16. I hope mine comes earlier than that though. Also how do you use a menstrual cup?

  • olivia says:

    hi i wondered whether i am going to have my period i am 9 and have breasts also i have discharge

    • Intimina says:

      Hi Olivia,

      we can not be sure. You must listen to your body and wait. And please, relax and trust the process. Having your period is a natural thing, do not be afraid of it.

      Best regards

  • Aubrey says:

    Omg I have had like 4 of the 5 symptoms (Not the cat video.. Who cries over cats?!) Anyways my stomach has been hurting so much and when I read this I was like “Omg I’m not dying!!!” Thx for all the tips they really helped and I honestly am really nervous about my period. I am 11 and my mom makes me bring around a “Period Kit” in case it starts when we are not at home. But anyways ty for the Tips!

  • Maya says:

    I am turning 11 this July and I have had boobs since I was 9 and have always been really excited about starting my period. My Mom had her first period at 13-14 so I will probably get mine at around that time. I have a fair amount of hair on my legs and my armpits have a little bit of hair.

  • Layla says:

    I’m 10 about to turn 11 in 9 days and I’ve been noticing discharge in my underwear and I have hair down there like alot and armpit hair and some cramps but I haven’t been emotional and I rlly want mines bc I feel left out so yeah.

  • Trinny says:

    I’m 13 and I’ve got every symptom that there is I just haven’t gotten it yet and everything started happening when I was in grade six I’m now in grade 8 and discharge has been very heavy lately
    Is this normal.

  • Isabella says:

    Hi! I’m 11 and I have had discharge for about 6-8. Months, nothing has happened. I have had hair down the stairs for a while. My mother got her period when she was 11. Any tips or advice?

    • Intimina says:

      Hi Isabella,

      yes, we have. This is the only and the most important advice we can give you – please be patient, everything happens for a reason. Your body knows when is the right time, listen to your body.

      Intimina Team

  • Heidi Fitzgerald says:

    Hi I’m eleven and really want my period to come. I have one question does peeing a lot lead to my first period but the pees are small and right after each other. I haven’t talked to my mum about periods since we had the talk a couple months ago because it’s a bit awkward when we talk about it and I don’t know how to Ask. please respond to me i need the help

    • Intimina says:

      Hi Heidi,

      no, you can not force it with anything. Your body will decide when is the right time. Please be patient and leave it all to your body.


      Take care of yourself

  • Abigail Cakebread says:

    Hi thanks for the advice this will be helpful both of my best friends have already started there period but I haven’t and I’m eleven so ya anyhow thanks for the heads up this will be helpful although it’s kinda strange I feel like no one else feels how I do fro me the people around me but I wish you the best have a wonderful day 🙂

  • Peyton says:

    OMG, I’ve wanted my period for forever I’m only 11 and I have multiple friends that have already gotten theirs. I’m just counting down the days and I know I shouldn’t be comparing myself to friends because everybody’s different but it’s so hard not to. Thanks for the tips I’ll start checking for some signs

    • Intimina says:

      Hi Peyton,

      like you already said – every body is different and everybody is different. So listen to your body and enjoy the process. There are no magic tips for the first period or anything natural. 🙂 You just need to be patient, to wait, and respect your organism.

      Have a nice day!

  • Alex says:

    I just get my period quit young (9) and I was quit freeked out when I saw blood on my pance but now I know everything that has happed is normal. 😊

    • Intimina says:

      Hi Alex,

      it is normal and this is a very, very healthy attitude! 🙂 Congrats! Thank you for sharing your experience.

      Have a great day

  • Angely says:

    Omg this article helped so much now I know what to expect, but I also have had all these symptoms. I had discharge since 11 and hair downstairs since 11 too and grew boobs at 12. And still haven’t gotten my period I’m currently 13 right now I also had been facing lower back pain for weeks now and my mom says it’s because the way I sleep. But I don’t know what to do hopefully you guys can give me some information or advice for my symptoms.

    Thank you!!

    • Intimina says:

      Hi Angely,

      well there is no much to say, you must wait and listen to your body. We cannot predict the work of hormones, but your body is certainly preparing for the first period. 🙂 Congrats!

      Have an amazing day!

  • Abby says:

    Hey my vagina hurts does that mean it’s coming soon?

  • Lolo says:

    Hi! I’m just wondering I’m eleven and I’ve had pubic hair for around 2 years, discharge for almost 2 years, cramps about for a year, as well as bloating, tiredness for a month, horrible lower back pain for also a month, and lastly horrible mood swings, were I cant control what I feel, and I just feel miserable and depressed cuase I have all these emotions coming to me and then I feel blah ma depressed. I keep on feeling like I’m going to get my peroid but I never do. I don’t want it, I’m just worried, cuase my doctor did bring up that you can have your peroid, but you won’t bleed cuase vagina is not letting it, but she siad that she’s only had one girl with that in the past 30 years.

  • Bernice says:

    I think my period close cause
    experienced symptom
    100 pound
    public hair
    breast buds

    for about a year and I’m almost 15

  • Senoria says:

    Ok so for the past week (or longer) I’ve been getting mood swings and every time I do my mom is like “no she just getting an attitude” and then smile at me like it’s coming. I have had boobs since I was 7 or 8 pubic hair I don’t quite remember though. maybe discharge but i don’t know what it looks like.

  • Alessia says:

    I got my first hair I think last year (10) in 5th grade, I’ve had a few mood swings like I cried over something that happened in a book, my chest was developed in 4th grade (9), but my mom got her period at 14 so I’m not sure do you have any guesses when I’ll get mine?

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